Tinnitus started out of nowhere after 3 years of cessation from Fin

Yes, tinnitus started suddenly after 3 years off Fin. I was traveling in a sleeper bus for 14 hours, and when I got off, I had vomiting and I was really sick, and brain fog kicked in with full force. Then that day, when I went to bed and was just about to fall asleep, muscle twitches started on my chest and biceps. These twitches really disturbed my sleep. The next day, tinnitus started, and my hands were shaking a bit when I was holding a spoon or a phone. When I went to the hospital, my blood pressure was 160/90, and the doctor was concerned. The doctor told me to keep track of my blood pressure. I bought a BP monitor, and initially, it was high, around 140/85. Then, after 2-3 days, it came back to normal. These muscle twitches, which started when I was about to fall asleep, slowly faded away after one month. But tinnitus didn’t.

Tinnitus onset Timeline:
Feb 2021 - discontinued Fin and had sexual side effects and digestion issues since then.
21, Jan 2024 - Vomit, Sick, Brain fog.
22, Jan 2024 - Onset of Tinnitus, Muscle twitches while sleeping, hands shaking.
24, Feb 2024 - Brain fog and Muscle twitches stopped, and hands shaking reduced.

I have consulted many ENTs, and all suggested a nootropic medicine, which is a combination of Ginkgo Biloba (120mg) + Piracetam (800mg) + Vinpocetine (5mg) which increases blood flow to brain and repairs nerves. They have also said that if treated initially, it has a success rate of 60 percent. I think finasteride has caused me neurological disorders (brain-gut axis and brain-penis axis dysfunction, tinnitus), which are getting worse over time.

Has anyone tried this combination of Ginkgo Biloba (120mg) + Piracetam (800mg) + Vinpocetine (5mg) for treating tinnitus?