Tinnitus, does it get better?


Let me start by saying I am grateful to have this community, without which I honestly believe I could very well not be here today. When I was at my worst with the mental sides, I met some great people here and I appreciate it a lot.

I am now battling sexual sides and tinnitus, which appeared in my left ear 8 hours after my first and last pill.

Sexual sides are a battle of their own, but tinnitus is my most incapacitating symptom. It had reduced (or I didn’t notice it as much?) in the last 2 weeks, and it is now back in full force.

From people that went through the same thing, does it get better with time? Is there any treatment I could look into? I read gingko bilboa or Lipo-Flavonoid can help. Also, I read steroid injections could provide relief for 70-80% of cases?

Any help in this regard would be immensely appreciated.

Keep your head up guys we are in this together

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Had it for 8 years and no real change for me. You developed tinnitus from 1 pill of finasteride?

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Tinnitus is a bit**** that’s hard to diagnose.

These are few potential causes for starters:

Low estrogen
Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
Ear infection
Nerve injury
Low dopamine
Excess inflammation
Blood flow changes
Noise pollution

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Yes. I had really mild tinnitus (only noticeable sometimes at night), and 8 hours after ingestion, it’s a huge ringing in my left ear from morning to night.

Thanks man. Can adressing these causes help alleviate it?

Since it’s not noise induced, is it safe to assume it can get better?

Figuring the root cause and taking care of it would cure it or at least improve it significantly.

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Yes mine got better, but only got the odd attack of it. Sometimes when quiet I find myself “searching” for it. Either way if it is still even happening I’m not noticing.

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That’s really great to hear! I must be a bad case, the ringing is high and constant 24/7, it really drains my everyday quality of life…

My tinnitus goes along with anxiety. When anxiety is up, so is tinnitus. When anxiety is down, tinnitus is also much better. There are times when anxiety is almost non-existent (rare). During those times my tinnitus is also almost impossible to notice. I will say that after 3 years, tinnitus is a lot better. Hope things improve for every one.

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Anxiety ramps up adrenaline, which causes blood flow changes and hypertension. This causes tinnitus to flare. When blood sugar drops too low, it triggers adrenaline to prompty raise it and this causes anxiety attack and eventually tinnitus.

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It does get better. I’ve had mine for around a year and you adjust to it over time and don’t notice it as much

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Thanks man, that’s a little hope. Has it gone down too or your brain just ignores it?

What was the timeline for you for this symptom?

In the last few days, the situation has become truly unbearable. The ringing is really high, low levels of sound are really painful and I can barely hear music or conversations anymore.It’s really frustrating, it was 80% gone after week1. Now it’s 160% there.

Weirdly, my sexual symptoms are doing better than ever, I have been 90% recovered in the last 4 days. Hoping it lasts. This condition is hard to follow.

Pretty useless post hahah, but if you’re in a similar situation hang in there, looks like things change quickly in the first months (and not always how you want it)

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I notice my tinnitus is stronger when I wake up after a daytime nap. Not sure why