Tingling/numbness in eyes and facial pain

A month ago I developed a really annoying tingling feeling under/behind my eyes. Two weeks ago I received a dental anesthesia and the tingling sensation started also in the gums. Also, when I got my eyes checked they put me some drops in the eyes, which I later was told was anesthesia. Since that night the tingling in my eyes has become much more agressive, making it hard to think about anything else, and it makes me really worried. My eyes get also very watery at evenings, making reafing difficult.
Regarding the gum tingling, it has evolved into a quite severe nerve pain (in gums and cheeks). If I abstainfrom brushing my teeth it improves.

I don’t know if thismay be nerve damage but I’m extremely worried. I have felt some mild tinglings in limbs, but they are incomparable to the severe tinglings in my eyes. When the tingling is at its worst I get some kind of numbness and my eyes stop focusing because they get tired.

I have also developed some new eye floaters since the tingling/numbness/pain in my eyes increased.

I hate this symptom, I try to read but the more I read the more I notice the numbness forcing my eyes to stop reading.

How are you today? Two months ago I also had a bad reaction to a local anesthetic eye drops, with symptoms very similar to yours.