Tickling sensation in prostate area

Hi all,

I’m a PFS sufferer for a bit more than 3 yrs now.

Since about 2 months ago I started noticing this weird tickling sensation in my prostate area. Initially I freaked out and thought it was this parasite (pinworm) infection because this tickling actually started at the bottom of my anus, but it wasn’t anything like that (fortunately).

Few weeks later I noticed that this tickling started slowly moving or better said, expanding…? from my anus towards my prostate area (so basically in-between my anus and testicles, and I feel this strange pressure around it. It’s not causing me pain or anything, and this tickling is far from the level of causing irritation or inconvenience for living. Not even itchy or tinGLing, just mild tickling sensation, no more. Now my anus area isn’t as ticklish as it was in the beginning, and the tickling is more around the prostate area now.

To make sure it wasn’t anything like prostatitis, I went to see a urologist and got it checked up but there was nothing at all. Of course I explained to him about my PFS but as most docs he doesn’t have a clue about this problem so I gave up on explaining further and left.

Coming back to the topic, another thing I noticed along with is that, I used to get testicle pain after ejaculating, but I’m not getting any of that anymore. So I’m here wondering if this tickling sensation is somehow a sign that my body is going towards recovery. However, I’m yet to notice much improvement in terms of my sexual performance (penial numbness, penial shrinkage, erectile dysfunction, low libido, low semen volume, etc.) so I’m trying not to think too much into this to avoid getting stressed.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone here went through anything similar to this. Thanks for your time.


The medical term for this type of sensation is a parasthesia. I have parasthesias that radiate from my perineum down the posterior side of my scrotum. These began shortly after starting Propecia and it was the first symptom that I experienced that made me realize something was wrong. I have continued to experience them intermittently even 8 years later. If I had to guess, I would assume these parasthesias are due to neuropathy of the pudendal nerve or other peripheral perineal nerves. It is potentially a downstream effect of the pathophysiology of PFS (whatever that actually is). Thanks for sharing this comment. I have a feeling that other PFS sufferers probably experience the same thing, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it mentioned specifically in this forum.