This week I have a visit from Roberto Melcangi's colleague


In this week I have a visit from Roberto Melcangi’s colleague, Daniele Santi. I want the diagnosis of shit to fix the bastard doctor from Genoa who destroyed my life. I keep you informed of course. I will also show here in the picture if allowed of penile tissue loss because it seems that it is not recognized by Melcangi, but I have photographic-diagnostic photos that prove it clearly. See you soon, now off for now, I’m very depressed and I have very suidal ideas I miss my body and my life and even more my love…


Good luck @Damon, hopefully it will be productive. And please keep hanging in there, I’ve lost the same and I know how hard it is.


Thank you, my dear friend @axolotl , I try to resist, as you told me, being the most serious cases we must be the most reckless :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: I’ll let you know how it went


Any persons or Drs that by now at this point do not believe in the physical symptoms and side effects of this syndrome I would not see a point in having a conversation with that person…


Great news mate
This is a very positive step forward to getting answers to the real cause of your symptoms.
Keep an open mind go with the flow of suggested tests and above all have patience.
Hopefully you will be able to come back to the forum with further insight and in very positive news regarding treatment within the next few weeks.
If they don’t accept PFS as a condition don’t walk away don’t be angry this is where you have to open you have to keep an open mind listen to their opinions and be ready to follow the road in the direction they want you to go to see where it takes you.

Good luck matey


You mean Melcangi does not believe Finasteride shrinks the penis? How is that even possible when there is so much research with rats confirming that?


I think he meant that penile shrinkage was not included in results sections of the studies.

Anyways, any news about this @Damon