This was a vent. Sorry

Was just a vent, edited cuz I don’t wanna trigger anyone.


Please, brother. Don’t do it.

I feel your pain. I live it too. This is a soul crushing disease that makes a religious guy doubt a soul even exists at all, when a pharmaceutical can take away everything what makes us human like it’s nothing.

We must hold on. With each new study we get a little bit closer to living a normal life again. It will snowball into more studies, funding, awareness… We’ll get there faster and faster. I don’t make a distinction between PSSD and PFS here, because they’re probably so similar studies will benefit both parties.

I know how hard it is to cope. Especially the hopelessness of it all has made me suicidal in the past, and still does sometimes. Maybe it can help, but I made a post with some recovery stories a while ago. It’s not much, but it always gave me some hope that the body CAN return to normal: Are there people who were cured 100%

You must reach out to people. Talk to the people close to you about how you’re feeling. They want to know, believe me.

I’d hate to ask you to suffer longer, but please, don’t leave us. Please, reach out to people.


Thanks brother, I’ll try some more