This shit has almost ruined me

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Google search

What is your current age, height, weight?
25 5’11 170 lbs

What specific drug did you use (finasteride, dutasteride, saw palmetto, isotretinoin/Accutane, fluoxetine, sertraline, citalopram, leuprorelin, etc…)?

What dose did you take (eg. 1 mg/day, 1 mg every other day etc.)?

What condition was being treated with the drug?
Hair loss

For how long did you take the drug (weeks/months/years)?
Approx 1.5 years in total on and off

How old were you, and WHEN (date) did you start the drug?
January 2015

How old were you when you quit, and WHEN (date) did you quit?
August 2017

How did you quit (cold turkey or taper off)?
Cold turkey

How long into your usage did you notice the onset of side effects?
Had gyno after a few months and depression/struggled to do university work more than normal but didn’t chalk it down to finasteride, also difficulty getting and maintaining erections.

What side effects did you experience that have yet to resolve since discontinuation?

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Watery Ejaculate
Reduced Ejaculate
Inability or Difficulty to Ejaculate / Orgasm
Reduced Sperm Count / Motility

Emotional Blunting / Emotionally Flat
[:heavy_check_mark:] Difficulty Focusing / Concentrating
[ :heavy_check_mark: ] Memory Loss / Forgetfulness
[ :heavy_check_mark: ] Stumbling over Words / Losing Train of Thought
[ :heavy_check_mark: ] Slurring of Speech
Lack of Motivation / Feeling Passive / Complacency
Extreme Anxiety / Panic Attacks
Severe Depression / Melancholy
Suicidal Thoughts

[:heavy_check_mark: ] Penile Tissue Changes (narrowing, shrinkage, wrinkled)
Penis curvature / rotation on axis
Testicular Pain
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[ :heavy_check_mark: ] Gynecomastia (male breasts)
Muscle Wastage
Muscle Weakness
[ :heavy_check_mark: ] Joint Pain
[ :heavy_check_mark: ] Dry / Dark Circles under eyes

Prostate pain
Persistent Fatigue / Exhaustion
Stomach Pains / Digestion Problems
Constipation / “Poo Pellets”
[ :heavy_check_mark: ] Vision - Acuity Decrease / Blurriness
Tinnitus (ringing or high pitched sound in ears)
Hearing loss
[ :heavy_check_mark: ] Increased hair loss
Frequent urination
Lowered body temperature

Other (please explain)

What (if any) treatments have you undertaken to recover from your side effects since discontinuation of the drug?
Vitamin D and 5-htp helped a lot with the depression

If you have pre or post-drug blood tests, what hormonal changes have you encountered since discontinuing the drug (please post your test results in the “Blood Tests” section and link to them in your post)?
Only had serum testosterone tested which came back at 550 ng/dl. I plan to get a full hormonal panel done soon.

Anything not listed in the above questions you’d like to share about your experience?
My neck is like a pencil now whereas before I had a thick neck, my Adam’s apple is also way less pronounced.

Tell us your story, in your own words, about your usage and side effects experienced while on/off the drug.

When I was 19 I developed some kind of digestive issue where I felt extreme nausea any time I ate, this went on for about 8 months and caused me to lose a lot of weight, my hair also began to fall out during this time and I developed bald patches. I decided to get on minoxidil to thicken up my hair but after 6 months of shedding I was way worse off than I was before and was freaking out.
This is when I started on finasteride (January 2015), which worked a treat 3 months later and my hair had never been thicker. But at a cost, I didn’t put 2 and 2 together at the time but I was feeling depressed for no reason and I’d never been depressed in my life before. I also started developing gyno at some stage (I’m not quite sure of the dates).
I noticed it was a lot harder to concentrate for my university exams and my memory began to deteriorate, sometimes I would be in the middle of a sentence and just stop dead because I’d completely lost my train of thought, this has improved now thankfully.
I’ve still got issues with working memory and verbal memory, I’m very forgetful and frequently forget names, names of items, work instructions, where I left things etc. When I quit finasteride in 2017 I noticed collagen and fat loss in my face and especially around my eyes, I hate the way I look now and i feel like I’m having a mild panic attack when I look at the damage that’s been done to my face. My hair has also been shedding all over my head including sides and back and is now at the point where I’m very close to shaving it all off. My vision is also fucked I’ve got floaters and visual snow constantly, which makes it very hard to see in the dark and impossible to enjoy being outside at night.

Finasteride has had a huge impact on my dating life as my confidence is shot in all areas, I don’t even trust my memory any more, my brain feels like there’s a lag in thought processing, like I’d be about to make a remark during a conversation but I’d forget one of the words I need for the sentence and I’d just be sitting there like an idiot trying to piece the sentence together or someone would be telling a story and ask me something about it and I’d say “how would I know I wasn’t there” and it turns out I was there, then sometimes the memories piece themselves together slowly or other times i just don’t remember at all.

I’ve got HGH ordered online and I’m hoping that it can help with the collagen loss in my face, also with the memory issues and maybe vision as well (not hopeful of this).
I’m also going to get a full hormonal blood panel done soon so I’m hoping to get some clues from that. I had my testosterone level tested recently and it came back as 550 ng/dl which isn’t great for an active 25 year old imo. I’m pondering getting on trt (with regular blood tests) to see how that makes me feel. I doubt any doctors here in the uk would prescribe someone with my test level trt so I may have to self prescribe and just follow up with the doctor every so often.

Regarding my facial changes I’m looking at getting a facial fat transfer along with stem cell microneedling to try and rejuvenate my face, as I look like a 50 year old drug addict and get depressed when I look at myself. I’ve found a couple of plastic surgeons who look promising but the procedure is around 8k so I’d need to know it will work and this pfs shit won’t result in a weird reaction like the fat not taking or the collagen not repairing itself. Has anyone had any experience in this?

Here are two pictures, first showing me at 20 before I took finasteride, notice the round cheeks and smooth skin.
The second was at 24 and you can see how my cheeks have fallen, I have rough, thin skin all over my face, my nasiolabial folds are pronounced and I’ve got huge lines on my cheeks and I also have rings under my eyes.

I know I may not have “full blown pfs” as I somehow don’t have any erection difficulties anymore, although I’m not as horny as I used to be and my refractory period has gotten a lot longer since finasteride.
Thanks for reading and if anyone would like to give their thoughts you’re more than welcome


Ay man
Sorry about what you’re going through
This poison kicked the Shit atta me too
Changed my whole face and not fit the better among other things

At the very least we have procedures now and in the future I help us. Expensive as hell though. Wrinkles are one thing but facial dropping like I have is s tough one without a face lift.
Motherfucking poison God Damn Merck


I’ve tried needling and it didn’t promote collagen production. Unless our bodies recover I think we’re stuck with it. Pyhsically I’ve also got loose skin, creping, atrophy, subcontaneous fat loss across the body. I fear a face lift though dramatic is the best bet unfortunately healing also seems to be problem. Sorry man this is just unbelievable.

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Hi there @facialfatloss

I’m really sorry this has happened to you. Myself and a lot of the guys here can sadly relate to your experience. I think that changes to your face can be particularly difficult to deal with as it so wrapped up in our sense of identity and esteem. Please don’t despair. There are some testimonies here which suggest that for some, cosmetic intervention can yield results. Here’s one that sticks in my mind:

Wishing you all the best.


One other thing is have you filled in a yellow card report?:


Yea this shit is rough, I’ve got the loose skin and creping as well, my skins got a different tone than before it just looks like shite. I’m going to start with HGH and judge whether it improves the collagen in my face, if that works then it will give me hope that surgical intervention will work as well.

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Not yet but I will when I finish work.

Thanks for the reply I’d read that post a couple of years ago and that gives me a lot of hope, I just need to work up the stones to fly over to London for the consultation. The only thing holding me back besides the cost is everyone I work with knowing I had plastic surgery. I’ll probably do it in between jobs if I can, waiting for this epidemic to end and hopefully I can take some action on it


The fact that there’s a good few guys here (including us from the U.K.) with this particular issue, it might be good to have a support network where we share experiences of remedies particular to facial changes. Maybe a thread specific to this would be useful. If practioners can see that we aren’t just lone voices but a body of victims that we can show. That’s one reason why the photos are such a powerful force. Food for thought.


Good suggestion Scotsman

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There is a thread where people posted their images

how are you doing bro? I have the same issues

Hey man.
Not sure if the hgh did a lot or not, but I don’t feel so bad these days.
But I’ve been taking 4000 iu/day vitamin d for a few months I think that helped a lot.
As for my skin, I’ve been to a dermatologist and am on medical grade skin care which is making it look better, although fat loss remains and I may or may not get this fixed with surgery.

I’ve also just recently been to a trt clinic and the Doctor said he will probably prescribe testosterone to combat the other sides, will see how it goes, blood results pending.


@facialfatloss: Can I ask what your medical grade skin care regimen consists of?

All the products my derm gave me were from the ZO Skin Health line.
ZO Skin Health normalising kit was what I started on, soon I’ll be adding in the anti aging stuff (retinol).
Working good, people have commented on my skin looking better so I’m gonna stay on it

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I would be careful with retinol creams

Hi @facialfatloss

Are you doing any better? Welcome back to the forum.

I also noticed you haven’t completed the patient survey yet. When you have some time, could you please complete it using the instructions in this video I created:

I cannot understate how important this resource has been when liasing with researchers and clinicians, and your participation would be much appreciated.