This makes me so angry



Hey today I woke up real angry… I saw a YouTube video about some doctor claiming Finasteeide is very safe and it’s some vocal minority that’s damaging its reputation.

I wanted to strangle him or lynch him and then force feed him finasteride. Also I got so mad that I took finastetide and got into this mess, I forced myself to masturbate 5 times today just to push my body.

It made it worse. Now my genitals are completely numb at the moment. Also usually I’m really mild mannered and don’t get angry, but notice mood swings a lot the past 2 days. Feeling cranky, moody etc


I think that anger is pretty understandable although I suppose it’s learning how to channel it for good i.e. anger as a motivator (not to lash out but to try and chip away at injustice). Are you able to leave a comment below the video?


Share the link, let’s put some comments.


These two videos. The second one is in Hindi, and he does acknowledges FPS and thats rare but he also recommends it. He downplays it a lot.
Can’t leave comments in the first one. Second one you can leave a comment. I didn’t though, not yet

Also I took a nap later on and I feel better mood wise now. I think it’s due to stress and not having proper sleep. Will try to be stress free and manage anger a bit


when was that first video made?


Years ago. In fact, i think that it is not possible to add comments.


that physician is clearly a scumbag and makes the claim so that it benefits his hair restoration procedures thus boosting his income


wow that doctor is in the NW if I ever see him around my parts I’ll call him out, what a scum bag I would triple dare him to take finastride and then we will see how safe it is, and of course comments are turned off because he knows the truth himself, can’t believe people like this can go to sleep at night.