This is a damn nightmare


Yes there is many things in the bibel that i dont understand but i think the clearest pitchure of that God is good is that he send his only begotten son to die for us so that we woulde have eternell life with him. But of course its up to everyone to decide if they want to belive in him or not.


Just another testemony then i will shut up;-)


Perhaps we have developed the PAS :persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:

This is really a total nightmare


Yep… I took Vit K2 and shortly after that my joints got fucked! And this title says “Joint repair”, joint repair my ass! Probably it is good for people wothout PFS, but not for us! I’ve seen articles where they say Saw Palmetto is ab absolute miracle, imagine that :slight_smile: The people are reading these articles and falling in the trap because of that… Sad but this is the reality…


What’s the point of these 2 articles ?


Vitamin B1-K2-E- are Aromatase inibitor= PAS.
We were fucked like Douglas


How much Vitamin K2 have assumed in mg? I 300mg Vitaminb1


Don’t remember good, but as I remember it was
Vitamin K2 MK-4 100mcg a day, took it for a month or so, along with Vit D3…


This is a total fucking nightmare


Hang in there mate! As long as the body is in one piece, there is a way out!


Hey you all guys,

I really, really emphatize with all of you.
I think, as a woman, I have been fucked the most when it comes to the skin - just last year I had a young fatty white elastic skin all over my face and body, so shiny and oily, and now I have skin not of an old woman, but an old, ill man all over my body, with all the veins visible!

When I visited one doctor who is trying to help me, he said that he had a patient in her forties - a woman who used to weigh 150 kgs, had bariatric surgery, dropped to 70 kg, had the excess skin removed, got married, her husband died in a terrible car accident, she went back to 130 kgs, and is now losing the weight again, and she has better skin than me ;(

IN addition, I don’t sweat at all, the skin feels parched and hurts, I’m becoming more depressed day by day, I could have had a normal life, now I dread my reflection in the mirror, I feel dry and weak, life has escaped my body, I fear I might not live healthily for much longer. Nothing to look forward to, I am a typical woman and will never muster the courage to end everything - but living like that, like a warm, even as a fat person, I tried to be happy and positive, I was only negative to myself.

The lost fat and facial muscles won’t be regained, I am not stupid. I will need a facelift, but the skin quality is atrocious. This drug has killed me, and is still killing me one day at the time.
Do you feel like your skin is hurting? For example, on my face, there is not enough fat and muscles between the skin and the bone, and it hurts when the temperature changes.

PS.If I post a before and after picture can it only be seen by the members of this forum?is there such an option?


That’s not an option at the moment, but I’ll see if it’s a possibility.


I have your own skin problems, even in hair body. You post the photos calmly, I will also put them to show the difference in muscle change…