This condition made me have a psychotic moment

I got upset at myself felt like a failure and i beat myself in the face with my own hands and thought about dying my pfs syndrome isnt improving is anyone else experiencing similar thoughts of self harm because of this?

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being severely harmed by a medication is very traumatic and can cause extreme emotional states… I have severe PTSD because of psychiatric abuse/medical harm and sometimes I get periods where I self harm a lot, shout, bang my head, cry etc because of the trauma of all of this… I sympathise with you and I’m sorry you’re also going through this

I think I’m having one right now. :frowning_face:

I wasn’t like this before. This shit traumatised me so badly, I have regular episodes of extreme suicidal ideation and panic.

Hell on earth

I feel the same at times. Maybe because it has been a 10+ years of struggle for me…Long enough to develop a couple of coping mechanisms. İ Remember it is in your hands as to how to respond to this tragedy. Stay away from places/situations/people which makes such emotional states more probable and more with situations which makes you feel more normal. Long walks, nature always helps…
It is tough…

I can feel your pain. saw palmetto, is sold like vitamins in drugstores and health food stores. No one think s to get such an awfull disease from somewhat like Müsli. So saw palmetto is an ugly devil.

I was fucked down by finistarid this year 60 yo. I think ten or twenty years ago I had saw palmetto allready in my hand, it was just big fortune not to buy it than.

But this year I had no fortune, because I took the pills without checking the Internet. For this weird mistake I cold kill myself. 10.000 times. Sometimes I think of this moment I through my live in the garbage for hours and hours, days after days, I could hurt myself and kill myself to make this moment I decided to take Finistarid unhappen.