Thinking about starting again on 0.25mg


Hi all.

So I posted a thread here almost a month ago talking about how I had a very extreme reaction to 2 1mg pills. My balls and prostate area were in a ton of pain, more than anything I had read online.

So yesterday marks 2 months off finasteride, and the pain is so subsided now that I think it’s completely gone? Balls seem normal too, and I can’t notice any other sides. I’m wondering if it was that 1mg was just too much.

I’m considering taking 0.25mg of fin and seeing what happens. My hair is slowly getting worse and I don’t know what to do. I think I’m going to regret this but I’m losing my hair… :frowning:

I have ordered a derma stamp and seeing what results that gives. I might try some topical solutions also, (minox, sandalore etc.) I want to experiment for a while (1+ month) and also give more time to see if I truly have fully recovered.

What are your thoughts guys? I have heard that the body can have a different response if you stop for a while then start again.

I’m particularly interested in the experience of people who stopped, then started again after a while on smaller dose (0.25/0.5mg)

Any input is greatly appreciated.


Here is my story regarding trying that one. I would suggest you dearly appreciate your health and never touch this again. I’m pretty much the worst case scenario, but there’s no guarantees and no going back.


there are safer options. i made an extensive, incredible search on hair loss, read so many studies that i understood that taking fin is stupid even because doesn’t aim the right target.
taking fin. to stop hair loss is like making an entire planet explode to kill just one person.
5ar is useful and, i know it sounds crazy but i know, now, the mostly hair loss is… INFLAMMATION!


all the transofrmations and enzyme reactions that will decide if you have to get bald or not, happen at the follicular level.
of course is genetic but the environment can unmask the genetic… ehm… is predisposition the right word? i have no time to look for the right word, sorry.
So, at the follicular level we have this delicate system the builds up and maintain the anagen phase and then we have another enzymatic and hormonal pathway that leads to telogen and everything is LOCAL and not systemic. Dermatologists hide this… they like to say that is just genetic and when they say so, what can you do? just take propecia and shut up.
So, at the follicular level we have an enzyme call sulphatase or solfatasi in italian, which converts estrone sulphate (e1s), one of the most abundant hormones in our bodies, into estrone (e1) and estradiol (e2) both very important for the anagen. On the other side we have 5ar which, as we know, leads the hair to telogen.
Now, at a certain point, something doesn’t work properly, the anagen gets shorter, the telogen gets longer, and this is aga. The interesting thing is that usually aga comes in comorbidity with irritation, itching, redness, seboorhea… these are signs of inflammation. And what did i found out? That eveytime, in a biopsy, scientists found lymphocytes T, which modulat the inflammatory response!
so, at the end, everything is connected. pfs and hairloss are, mostly, not always, sons of the same ugly mother: modern way of life.
with one hand we have put ourselves in the position of getting inflammated (sorry if this is not the right word) and with the other hand we treat the effect (not the cause) with a terrible poison.


so, no, don’t take it. there are better ways.


So what can we do to reduce inflammation? Have you found anything?


well, this is not the place to talk about hair loss solutions but, if this can stop you and other guys from taking fin again, and if @axolotl agrees, i’ll tell you about my opinion and i’ll post some researches, studies and articles about hair loss.


That androgenic alopecia is androgenic is firmly established science. However, this is not a hair loss forum. You can pm each other regarding these ideas if you want to discuss it further.


Mate, loosing hair is a false problem. Don’t do the mistake to risk to ruin your health!!