Thin Skin & Body Hair Changes

has anyone had thinning, wrinkly, elastic skin and changes in their arm or body hair, where the hairs get thin, some get white, and they go in crazy directions like spider legs?

Has anyone had this and it improved?

I’ve had thinning, wrinkly, somewhat elastic skin (much more so in my face and neck), and some hair loss in lower legs where there are areas which are completely smooth. I also have many white pubic hairs and some white chest hairs (although I don’t have many chest hairs full stop). I don’t know in my case whether the white hairs are pfs or just aging, being that I’m now 49, although they started to show up earlier.

Sadly no improvement, with more awareness of universal aging of the skin, but no significant worsening either, although now I’ve lost all definition in my neck and the skin just hangs from my jaw line to the base of my neck, no doubt a premature sign of aging due to the changes the drug has induced.

I literally just logged in to make this post. It’s seems what’s happening to my skin is what someone would experience in their late 60s or 70s. Just complete collagen break down. I can’t tuck my shirt in anymore and not because I’m.fat but because my loose skin all bunches up and it looks all lopsided over my belt.

Nothing has helped me. There are times when I get some of it back. It just kinda happens one day I’ll wake up and feel slightly firmer. Which makes me realize this is reversible. Somehow someway. Bur my skin is literally dead playdough. Just slogs around everywhere. My body in the mirror is a grim sight right now.

@Dknighten I was really hoping it had gotten better for you bud sadly I also have nothing to offer to fix this. Fasting helps briefly.

I almost want to starve myself to near death and see what happens. Maybe it would kick my body into healing itself idk. I can’t go past 3 days as it is without being dizzy and but I’d love to try 3 weeks but I’d prob die.

Exactly me. I’m a PSSD sufferer. My skin is a complete mess like it’s a tiny mattress and can go anywhere.

My body hair all thinned, I mean all. Used to have “hobbit feet”, very hairy. Gone. My hair also started to fall, not in the MPB way, more like alopecia.

And man, I fckn SWEAR you, I never ever in my life was a face hairy guy. Shaved once in a lifetime. This fucking PSSD shit gave me a mustache and some facial hair (look, it’s not normal, I was 23 when it happened, and happened right after the 2 months that I took the meds). Maybe because all my hair is now thin it could pass the pores, I used to have a very thick hair all over.

Along with fat loss all over too. Muscle, cartilage loss. All the works. Total anhedonia and blunting as well. I could keep righting forever on how it destroyed me. But that’s it.

2y ago.

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when i’m out of school, if i’m still really bad i’m going to try and take all my vacation time in one swoop and do a 14ish day fast at True North.