THETIGERSHULL Clomid Restart Therapy

Well guys today is 16/08/13

The day I started taking 50mg of Clomid every other day for 2 months intially to see how I respond.

I will update this post daily with any ups or downs

I wish to state that I am not taking it to conpletely cure me of PFS but my my only primary aim is to raise my daily decreasing Testosterone level and hope it can restart my own production and keep it higher than 12 nmol. I will be happy to a degree if my T can be pushed above 12, even higher would be good.

I will have my bloods taken just over one weeks time. I will keep a watch on my estrogen level too as I hope it will not increase too much.

Wish me luck guys.

Good luck, keep us posted how you respond. Everyone’s body reacts differently so maybe it will work

Thank you Fina

Means a lot to me. I’m been realistic and not expecting miracles.

I will keep you posted

Take care buddy

Good luck From Denmark

Thank you Sonder… God bless you

Dude 50mg is way too much in my opinion … start with 5mg and see how you react and then you can still increase the dose to whatever you want.

Btw. I’m taking 5 mg Tamoxifen every day + 0,25mg Arimidex every two or three days and feeling good with that combo. Hair is falling out in shitloads …

So far, I’ve only taken 2 pills, no real difference except on the days off Clomid, I’ve become very teary.

Shedding tears for relatively no apparent reason!!

Ill keep you posted.

Just completed one week on Clomid at 50mg every other day

So far, no noticeable improvement except for the following…

Increased quality/thickness of sperm during ejaculation on the one day I have managed an erection.
Sperm is less watery and more thicker


No increased libido
No improved sexual function
Perhaps caused me to become tearful at time?

Had bloods drawn today so will see if any increase after one week with hormone levels, particularly testosterone

Still early days so let’s wait and see!!!

THETIGERSHULL have you tried fasting ?

You mean just drinking water and no food?

How long for?

How might it help?

Yes just water. I did two 48 hour fasts last week which massively improved my sleep and my ability to feel emotions.

I did a 48 hour fast then I stopped for one day because I had to go somwhere and I needed food to stay awake after that I did another 48 hour fast which helped me again.

I’m now doing another fast this week I’m on my 3rd day without food I hope to make it to the weekend without food then Ill take a break and try more fasting. The more you do it the easier it gets.

Is fasting safe and is it safe if I’m taking other medications?

The only other thing I’m taking is a sleeping tablet at night.

I believe it is safe to fast up to 14 days but I’m no expert. My health is so bad I think fasting can only help it.


I thought you were doing well a few months back in terms of your health?

Do you attribute all your health problems to finasteride? What problems do you have and what sleeper do you take?

Mentally I have recovered about 90% but in the last few months my physical health has got very bad.

Yes all my health problems are caused by finasteride. I never had any major health problems before I took fin.

I’m also fasting right now, today is the 6. day without food, only water, tee and vegetable soup (with actually no whole vegetables in it), I’m planning at least 10 fasting days. I noticed that I have less sleep pressure (don’t know if that word exists in English), I wake up after 5 hours sleep and feel kinda refreshed. Nevertheless I feel good throughout the day.

Been on Clomid close to 2 weeks now.

Here are my bloods taken 13/08/13

Testosterone 8.1 nmol
FSH 2.7 iul
LH 4.3 iul
TSH 1.1 iul
Prolactin 93
Oestrodiol 75

Bloods taken 27/08/13 (10 days on Clomid)

Testosterone 26 nmol
TSH 2.5 iul
Oestrodiol 150
LH 11 iul
Prolactin 380

So in theory Clomid has tripled my testosterone levels with little noticeable difference which I’m
Pleased about, what I’m less pleased about is the rise in oestrodiol

Can somebody more educated than me tell me what to make of the massive increases in all areas of my bloods please?

I think Clomid is partly responsible for my night sweats. I take it 10pm every other day (50mg) and the days I take, I suffer with really bad night sweats.

I also had night sweats days after my crash so it must be hormone related to the largest part, maybe fluctuating testosterone levels at a guess?

I’ve decided tonight and for the next two weeks I’m only going to take 25mg to see if my levels still rise and observe my teary feelings and night sweats.

Two weeks from today I am going to quit Clomid altogether.

Have I seen any improvements?


  1. Bigger fuller balls
  2. Thicker and increased sperm production
  3. Increased mental clarity
  4. Less suicidal
  5. Tripled my testosterone level from 8.1 to 26 nmol with only 5 pills over 10 days

Bad points

  1. Still no libido
  2. Still no change with ED
  3. Night sweats?
  4. Increased prolactin and estradiol levels to only just in normal range
  5. Weight gain lower stomach and Breast area
  6. Have had days were ive felt worse than before Clomid, in terms of feeling dizzy, spaced out, nothing’s real, zapped of energy.

Well I wish to report my update.

I took Clomid at 50mg every other day for nearly a month and felt some benefits which were, better night time/ sleep erections and better, healthier feeling penis, not as shrivelled, but now almost 3 weeks off, I’ve began to notice I’m returning to my old post propecia state, almost like I’m
Going through a fucking second crash.

My breast/chest area feels more sensitive
My balls feel less full and have started to ache again
Nocturnal erections are weaker or not at all
My anus/ perineum spasms are slowly coming back. I’m starting to feel
That buzzing, twitching feeling again between my balls and anus.
I feel this is because of my declining testosterone level

In the first week on Clomid, my testosterone level tripled.

Last time I was tested, my t level was 19 nmol
My guess now would be that im approaching less than 10 again as I can fucking feel the decline in my body. Muscle twitches have started again with the anus/perenium spasms.

Prior to clomid my estrogen was 75, last week it was 380 on the range of 80-300

I feel totally fucking lost, what the fuck do I do?

Mentally since back in hospital, I began to improve but now my physical symptoms are taking over my mental sides again.

It’s like a vicious circle.

Please advise?

Do I just on the TRT band wagon or take and anti estrogen?

I’ve not got a clue what to do anymore.

In summary, on Clomid I had better feeling in my sexual
Organs but hugely elevated estrogen and I was also very teary.

Now I’m off the Clomid Im starting to feel like I did just after I stopped propecia again.

Can’t handle these system crashes every few weeks, so what do I do?

Please help

stop trying things,i swear everything ive tried over the years made me worse for a short while,i feel my best when im getting plenty cardio exercise and living clean,and having something to keep my mind occupied instead of constantly thinking of how fucked up i am because of p.f.s…