There is still hope?

Ey guys, after 6 years of this am loosing the hope, I based my streng on recoveries, that made me feel better and optimist, but as i can read, there is no exist a real recovery, all seems like fake .On PFS foundation site said: there is not pacients who have recovred at all…so if u know as least one real recovery, plis share it, i need these days for real.

Hi man, it’s easy to lose hope as a sufferer of this condition as it’s essentially a massive uphill climb. While symptomatic improvement is possible with time, ‘natural’ recoveries are few and far between. Any claimed recoveries on here are rightly met with scepticism.

Despite this, there is a heroic effort at a foundational level being put together by a group of people who are totally unwilling to submit to this disease. The end goal is to enlist the help of some top scientists who we really hope will conduct vital studies into our condition in the not too distant future.

Please consider being a part of this effort yourself, you have a simple role; fill out our thorough member survey: Have you signed up to take the post drug syndrome survey? This topic is for you

It takes an hour of your time but it’s the most important contribution you can make to our cause. In the meantime I hope you see some improvements in your symptoms.


I wouldn’t put any effort into finding any recovery (Trust me, i have spent hours looking for those, writing messages to former members, or looking into all known PFS forums)…The only recovery stories i found were either Time and luck (Very rare), not real PFS, or just BS…
But YET HOPE IS STILL THERE. But not in finding recovery stories, but rather in working together to find a cure in the future that works for all sufferes. Don’t give up, if you cant find any recovery stories. But try to work on a cure yourself, and keep hoping that someday we would find it.


You mean with us, right?

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Im in the same position as you.

Dude, don’t give up. I fully believe in the recoveries. I know he is not liked around here, but if you want to track down a still active recovery, you can find CDNuts on the SS forum (the actual name is not allowed, WTF?!), where he is still active. I have never tried his approach and am not advocating it, just saying, there is a person who has reported recovering who remains active online.

It is a very strange phenomenon in my opinion that literally every single recovery case on here posts their recovery, does a Q&A for a few days and then disappears forever. I understand that people just want to get on with their lives, but I find it bizarre that not one has stuck around or popped back in from time to time. I vow that while I will not be a daily user (I already take breaks from the forum), when I fully recover I will not disappear like them. And I do believe I will fully recover.

But some of those recovered people, Chi springs to mind, though there are several, were users here for years. I don’t believe they are fake, I do believe they are real. I just cannot fathom why not a single one sticks around.

Keep your head up, never give up. We will beat this.

What have you actually tried to recover yourself?


Thanks for support guys, but it´s hard, specially when as is aid i used the recoveries as my strengh, every time i loosed hope that was just magic, but reading forums deeply semms not real, as least at all, yeah i know Hte foundations is working hard in a cure, and i trust on it, i donated, even when i am a stundet with no money at all, buts is just a hell to think that threis no cure, and noone have recover of this till now.Perhaps the cure will be here soon who knows.
Anyway, if u know some real case of recover plis, just put it here, i need it more than ever.
Thanks guys, hope you all are improving.

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I m not sure, i am sceptical, i used to trust in CD nuts and the protocol, but since he try to sell suplements i not sure, anyway I guess that i will try it, nothing to loose.
I have tried a lot of things, vitamins minerals, R andro, ELLA, pine pollen, Pregnolananone, DHEA, electolite protocol etc…some thinks seems to do a little but nothing fixed at all.

I will not recover. The Sicca, chronic fatigue, neuropathy, and more is too far gone. Who.are these scientists looking to help? I’d like to be put in contact directly otherwise I am still in the same position. Ruined.

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I am not advocating CDNuts or his protocol, just saying that not all of them disappear. Obviously if he is the only one who hasn’t disappeared and there are doubts about the veracity of his claims, he is not the greatest example. But you shouldn’t lose hope.

Do you have body temperature and focus and concentration issues? Have you done a waking body temperature test? I won’t type out again what I just wrote in another thread, but something worth looking into: Does anyone with focus and concentration issues not have gut problems?

One of the saddest things is when you see people capitalize on the desperation of people suffering with disease. I would be extremely skeptical of anyone who says he has a cure and wants to sell you things.

In my opinion, the community is finally showing signs of maturing to the point of being ready to get behind efforts to get research started. That means, for the first time, a cure looks probable to come. But the mindset needs to be of acceptance that it will take several years. Let’s say 8, for example. So the thing to do is contribute to the effort in any way you can and then focus the rest of your life on advancing your long-term prospects in other areas. So for example, don’t play video games, instead take courses online. Read lots of books full of valuable information. Develop your social skills. Get a leg up on everyone else and forget about girls for now. Then in 8 years, hit the ground running better than you would have if you had never gotten PFS. As long as you aren’t over 40 or something at that point (I.e., age when all attractive women already have children), you will be positioned to get way better girls than you otherwise would have and will be able to enjoy a tremendous life.

We just have to face that we don’t get to live normal lives. But you can make abnormal better overall.


Ey thanks for share, and yes, i feel so cold specially on feet, as i know is due to low tirosine.I am just on a nightmare and recoveries is like the most important thing that i can have at moment, but on some sites says that foundation is a scam, others Cdnuts and recover are so i am very confused honestly, I believe that some cases are recovered, but its a little strange, by the way investigation is important to obviusly, but dont know if a cure is possible by this way its so slowly way, i am 27 and not sure if its will come, and if its do, when.

Wow do u think that a cure would be possible in a shor period like 8 years? That would be fantastic, the problem for me is since i am more or less good at sexual or libido sides, i am a fcking zombie on mental, my memmory is shitt and i am mostly stupid, Its hard for me think even on simply things, anhedonic to, cant enjoy or my best friends or family or hobbies and its hard.I guess that all of you know that but lets hope…i wish we all recover soon.

Hi hadenough,

I’ve made practically a full recovery. Read my thread.

I don’t be on here much anymore but I do try to visit occasionally to give guys some hope

I feel there is a significant lack of balance on this forum as it contains mostly people with problems, the recoveries get overlooked and unpublished all too often. Mainly that is the fault of posters not returning her when they improve / recover.

Also, I’ve requested before that my thread is put into the recovery section but this has never been done. I’m not sure why - again, this doesn’t help the situation.

I don’t proclaim to have any magic formula. My recovery took time. I would say lack of alcohol, taking vitamins and zinc, and also vit d3, helped a natural (and slow!) recovery. Im 100% genuine.

Hope this gives some hope my friend!


Well it damned sure gives me more hope @Mens_Rea, thanks for not disappearing like the others, and I am similarly disappointed that your recovery has not been filed accordingly, because otherwise I might not be learning of it for the first time right now.

I would never support this sit back and contribute to the foundation approach @Hadenought , the community has been awaiting the sacred Baylor research for 6 years and part 1 has just been released and been a major disappointment in terms of telling us nothing new. The idea that this approach includes accepting there is no way of recovering in the meantime is crazy, especially when we do have another poster here reporting a recovery. Fuck sitting around and doing nothing but send money to the foundation for 8 years.

Test your body temperature like I posted about in the other thread, there is nothing to lose, and if you do have a consistently low temp over a 14 day period, that tells you you have some form of hypothyroidism. It would also then be worth getting tested for parasites and SIBO, which people with hypothyroidism are more susceptible to.

@Mens_Rea, nice post thank you for giving us hope. Did you just have sexual side effects mental too?

How many time have u been suffering for PFS?
Thanks for sharing!

I had all the sexual sides, no mental sides.

My battle began in 2010 and continued for several years. Its documented in my thread in quite a good level of detail.

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There is still hope. I crashed in March 2019 after stopping propecia. I could barely function for the next 2 months, I had horrible fatigue, muscle and joint pain, no libido, the usual sexual symptoms, brain fog etc. I went to see a specialist in London who confirmed (after blood tests) that I had low testosterone and low free t (and the rest of the usual pfs blood test results). I have slowly recovered over the course of the last year. I reckon I am at about 70% at the moment. There have been many ups and downs along the way but I think recovery is possible for most it just takes a long time. Other than cialis, I didn’t take any other drugs (like clomid or TRT) simply did natural recovery nothing over the top. Still had alcohol and tried to go on with my life as normal.

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Who was that specialist? Was he/she private or NHS?