There is always hope

Hi guys,

I been lurking on this forum for a bit now. I thought about posting my story after crashing but I was in such a dark place that I just didn’t get around to do it. Long story short, I was having hairloss at 19 so I decided to take saw palmetto to treat it knowing that Propecia has its risks. Problem is I got cough up with life and I didn’t stop until 2 years after. By then it was late and changes had been made. I didn’t have a crash until a year and some months after. I had an insane panic attack as the crash happened during my midterm exams in mechanical engineering. It was really scary lol; I thought it was the end of my life. Soon after I had a lot of the sides people talk about in this forum. I went online and realized that the SP caused it. I stared reading stories about people dealing with these problems years after and even people who unfortunately took their life.

Reading all of this and feeling the way I was feeling, I thought this would be my story. That I would live with this for the rest of my life. That all my dreams and hopes would be buried by this mistake. I dealt with really bad sleep for months, twitching muscles, blurry vision, loss of balance, brain fug, slurred speech, insane fatigue, depression, anxiety, and other things. I was lost guys. As I believer in Christ I tried turning to him in my doubts and suffering. I couldn’t find answers or much improvement. I turned to doctors and they just prescribed anti depressants and said a herb couldn’t have done this to me. But through all of this, I had my parents and friends. They kept me strong man. They prayed for me. My parents helped me postpone school and have been taking care of me in what they can.

I don’t want to be this to be to long so I am just going to say that in all of this I have been able to improve to the point where I can do things that I love and be with the people that I care about. I can also tell you I will be fully recovered. I believe it. I have realized that even in my doubts my body is healing. I can sleep 6 out 7 days 8 hours. 10pm - 6am. I can exercise again. I can workout. I can sweat again (slowly more and more). My body odour is coming back. My body hair as well. All these things, that I doubted would ever be restored are coming back even though I doubted.

I believe Jesus has been doing it slowly though our body’s mechanisms. I believe we can all heal. It’s just God’s timing. I wanted to post this here as hope. Hope that I needed when I thought I was lost.

Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

If anyone wants to reach out to talk and even make a prayer group, I would love to!

In terms of things I have done and tried to get better, just been focusing on sleep, exercise, and diet. I eat a biblical-low carb diet. I also have focused on increasing testosterone. You can find countless information on the internet to help with theses!

Thank you, for reading and I pray that Jesus would walk with all of us as we strive forward in the midst of despair and difficulty, knowing we will be restored and made new in his ways one day. We must fight the good fight!

Also, the people in this forum are warriors beyond warriors. You guys have my most profound respect

May God bless you all!


Hi man,
Im glad that you are feeling better…Did you have any sexual side effects though?Especially genital anesthesia? (This seems the only symptom, that bind all people who rarely recover)…
How long did it take you to feel better?

God’s plan for me is to suffer until I die. I totally dropped the Christianity after realizing his grace must favor pharmaceutical excutives and dirty FDA employees.

I once believed post-Accutane illness was demomic possession and prayed for it to begone! How funny is that?

Religious beliefs aside, I’m glad to hear you are doing better.


Thanks for Youre info. Im also a beliver. Unfortunally my health havent becoming better. If you like to chat as a fellow beliver send me a pm.

God bless

Thanks Juan, may god be with you my friend

@silentpain89. It’s all been coming back slowly thankfully. I never fully lost feeling. But this is the least of my worries lol. Being able to enjoy the things I once loved and getting my sleep and cognition are more than enough! I was in really bad place man. I though I was going to die. Never had depression though. Just exhaustion and anxiety from insomnia and all the things SP threw off. Its been a year and some since the crash.


Hi @Patrik82,

I cant DM for some reason. Must be because I’m new could you email me please. I don’t plan on posting here again for a while if anything.

the fact that young bucks are suffering in dark because of PFS and no one is hearing them and meanwhile Merck’s CEO stopped counseling president Trump because(he thinks that he is) cruel and racist shows how fucked up our world is

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Love him or hate him, a large portion of media attention was devoted to bashing Trump at the time the news broke that he was taking Propecia. And something as scandalous as him potentially suffering from a condtion that makes one forgetful, fatigued, and IMPOTENT, was nearly completely ignored!

The pharmaceutical industry must be carrying around the Ark of the Covenant, because they appear to be invincible under God’s protection. …A bit of light humor, but all of the coincidences working in their favor, and against us, are dumbfounding.

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the funny part is mainstream DR’s and Media kind of ignore PFS when it comes to legit victims like us and treat it as a myth but at the same time they used/uses it as a leverage to ruin Trump’s image

They really didn’t. Apart from a few blog posts and brief mentions on larger news sites, not much has been said about the potential of the United States president to be suffering from PFS, from a drug promoted by one of his former confidants. This is especially strange given the history of the media in emphasizing his sexual aggressiveness.

This should have been the story of the year last year, by all rights.

Maybe that would be a bit of an exaggeration, but to say it should have been a top news story is fair.

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Politics and religion in the same topic, and I haven’t even had a drink yet. I’m stepping out. G’day folks.

i sometimes doubt that he is in the phase of pre-crash, i remember prior to my crash i became so arrogant and sensitive (in terms of i couldnt handle small social confrontation people face everyday, i mean tiny disagreements, back then i wanted to chew up whoever tried to disagree with me) right now he is acting sort of the same, cussing out everyone on twitter…

I’m glad you are better man. I did same thing taking this POS evil herb thinking I dodged a bullet and I made this mistake for the tiniest bit of recession (thanks BDD). I have many of the same issues you have such as difficulty sweating, balance, and vision issues.

Surely you can see how much it would help people’s morale for you to be around to give support?

I don’t understand why recovered people won’t stick around to help.

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God bless you brother! Thanks for comming by and tell us the good news! We need more people with good stories, like you, here in this forum!

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Prayer is a form of mindfulness. It keeps your mind in the present. If you are overthinking or worrying about the past or the future then prayer will help take your mind of problems. This should help to treat or reduce anxiety and depression.