The world isn’t all black and white

The more and more research I do into the medical and pharmaceutical industry the more I’m seeing that it is just one big mafia enterprise and the government are backing them because like everything else politics is corrupted to the core.

How long has this disease existed? 20 odd years and the only real science has been financed by a private donor who lost his son to PFS can anyone see the hole that we’re in? Merck and Co reportedly make 400 hundred million a year off Finasteride and can’t even invest 4% from those profits into finding out what is happening with us to find a therapy. There is no moral compass when it comes to money and the FDA and MHRA are a scam.

I am fed up with the belief that science is coming to save us or that scientists are even partially interested because like everything else these scientists have been bought out, afraid to do the digging that is required the same as doctors who are afraid to put a pen to paper and diagnose a patient with PFS while we hang on to life and fight for disability allowance.

Did anyone know that hospitals used to practice with natural medicine In the 1930’s until Rockefeller came along and started to financially incentivise them to stop using natural medicine and to use synthetic man-made medicine/poison and silenced any doctors that spoke out. Isn’t it coincidental then that Medical error is third leading cause of death in the US? Humans were never designed to take these poisons it any wonder human disease is so rampant.


Sort of agree with you on many of these points.

I think that for as awful as these pharma companies and regulatory agencies are, there are still good people within them. Like you say, it’s not all black and white. Same with natural vs. synthetic medicine.

This appeared in my browser recommendations recently and really goes to show what a small dedicated group, or even one dedicated person in the right position, is capable of against overwhelming adversaries:


I had a brief look there the difference between then and now is that the media has been bought out, the pharmaceutical industry spend 36 billion yearly on advertising more than any other industry back then they were more about the truth. I seen you talking about covid recently have a look at the documentary Plandemic it will give you an insight into the levels of corruption.

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There are more medical conditions that could benefit from research than there is research. That is why it is on US to advocate for OURSELVES (as community). If we want research done then we need to get organized and start competing for scientific attention.


@Papasmurf I don’t wanna die. I want recive disabilty allowance. How can I do?

Good luck with that mate I have lost my faith in scientists coming to the rescue they put us here in the first place playing Frankenstein with people.


I’m not sure how Italy’s benefit system works man but over here you can get disability for mental health. I’m fighting this process at the minute, keep fighting my friend there may be light at the end of the tunnel for you one day.

I was saying that WE need to get them interested in us. No one should have ever thought that anyone would just come gift us with scientific insight. The community seems to have been operating under the false assumption that that might happen for approximately two generations of male sexual primes/opportunities to find mates and fulfill the primary biological imperative of reproduction. It’s tragic that that happened and the community needs to disabuse itself of that misconception completely if it is to hope to ever obtain a cure.

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Who the heck told you this? Source please


Hate to say it, but it’s the third leading cause of death even without counting extenuating circumstances that result from medical malpractice.

Drugs or botched procedure ruins health -> Person dies months or years later from bad health -> Bad health killed them, not medical malpractice. Guess they should have exercised more and ate better, right?


@vkg1 I agree. Were operating from a dark room with only us in it. We should be getting awareness out there first with that comes the outcry and disbelief and then then Merck wil be shamed or forced into looking for treatment therapies. As I’ve said before we should be taking this to the media and it should be all over the news channels. There are scientific papers to back up the condition. I just don’t understand why this isn’t being pushed.


When are you going to understand the medical community does not care about PFS. Unless we have massive amount of funds but we will never have untill some billionaire will help us.

We’re on our own, waiting for the newest study from Baylor,… to bring out the magical cure is a pipe dream.

Yes @Das, as long as PFS is represented by a group of guys arguing amongst themselves on a small Internet forum, then yes the only hope is some highly unlikely event.

How can we change that and improve our chances?

The options don’t have to be find a billionaire, get lucky, hope that Baylor delivers a cure.


Because the community has a victim mentality, rather than a do-er mentality, and labors under false notion that they are OWED a cure and therefore will receive one automatically. If that changes, we will get a cure. If it doesn’t then we won’t.


We are victims, we are victims of mass genocide propagated by a corrupt system hiding behind the pretext of medicine. @vkg1 please tell me what you have done besides complain about others complaining on here? Honest question.


Did you see an action proposal I recently made here? Would love your feedback.

Yes of course we are victims. Now what do we do about it? Sit and cry another 15, 30, 45 years while more and more lives are ruined and/or lost literally?

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