The ultimate theory - and missing links with solutions

here’s an interesting theory, which comes from a facebook group about the syndrome and from a forum (whose name starts with h and ends in s, don’t know why but i cannot write it).
what i miss is the link between this theory and the solutions.
the solutions are fasting and tei (trace elements inc.).

1. the theory
"Good guys we advance!
I’m going to expose the only theory that seems to me reliable at present, it comes from an English forum and was published by a researcher.
Being suspicious, I asked the opinion of a researcher from the University of Strasbourg, lecturer in organic chemistry.
He confirms the theory. I first expose you first:
Finasteride is a drift of progesterone. (see synthesis of finasteride using progesterone as a precursor)
Unlike progesterone, finasteride can not convert to cortisol or progesterone metabolites.
Therefore, since it does not convert, it reduces the NADPH (see hormonal charts) which reduces the 5areductase (5AR)
Moreover, since it does not convert to cortisol, it artificially increases the “pressure” on cortisol, which reduces 5beta reductase (5BR)
This explains that the more Finasteride you take, the more you inhibit the 5BR plus cortisol increases.
5BR is one of the enzymes needed to make bile acids.
(Which may explain the biliary crises that some people undergo)
So you take finasteride, you inhibit NADPH and NADP, you inhibit 5AR and 5BR.
The majority of the symptoms come from the inhibition of the 5BR (I let you search on Google)
Now you stop finasteride, this will cause a big rise in NADPH, the 5AR works with NADPH and the product of 5BR is NADPH.
So by increasing, the NADPH will inhibit even more the 5BR
The bile acids will no longer be produced, the cortisol on the ceiling, the aldosterone on the ceiling, since the 5BR does not degrade them anymore.
You are in metabolic alkalosis.
In summary, you stop taking finasteride, 5AR is restarting, increasing the NADPH which further inhibits the 5BR.
The PFS could therefore be explained by an imbalance NADPH, NADP.
NADPH is the product of the 5AR, NADP of the 5BR. But NADPH inhibits the 5BR. If the NADPH increases the NADP decreases.
And here’s what the teacher told me:
The chemical structure of this compound has two amide groups totally foreign to conventional hormonal derivatives.
That this compound can modify the blood composition is not surprising, but, in my opinion, its danger comes from the oxidation of amides in vivo N-oxyamide, which will lead to the consumption of reducing agents such as NADPH or the cysteine.
So we have a track more than serious.
It is thus necessary to make refurb the 5BR, either by decreasing the NADPH or by increasing the NADP. Either by the way of the cysteine.
Hence the interest of testing progesterone, aldosterone, cortisol, potassium, sodium, and alkaline reserve.
Obviously, these are not treatment tips, do not try anything for now

2. questions: the missing link
2.1. if you go on that forum, you’ll find some protocols made by a user called helen, the one who made this theory.
one of these protocols is pretty easy and is the tei protocol: you take a bunch of hairs, you send it to a laboratory, they tell you which supplements to take, what to eat and what to avoid and this is it.
balancing minerals should rebalance our bodies.
and this is pretty clear.

2.2. but what is the link between this theory and fasting? why fasting seems to be so beneficial for some?
any idea?

Salt is NaCl, which is formed from Chloride (a version of Chlorine) and Sodium. We consume salt every day. If you were to consume a small amount of Chlorine, you’d be dead. This leads me into my first point, just because something (A) is used for the synthesis of something else (B), that does not mean B will act like A. This is so simple they don’t even bother teaching it in chemistry classes.

Second, Helen the person who theorizes, is, with all due respect, a nutcase. Apparently she (who was a he called gbolduev a few months ago i believe) thought all this was because of pOtAsSiuM tRapPed iN thE cELL earlier, and now has come forward with another terrible theory. This girl (or guy, i don’t know anymore) uses the most bullshit driven logic I’ve seen, similar to someone who convinces people by fast talking and leading from one point to an another. It seems like there’s logic behind it but look harder. 5B-Reductase deficiency should lead to death, not PFS. Did I also mention Helen/Gbolduev doesn’t believe in research not conducting outside his “lab”? Now suddenly, when it suits him/her, he believes a researcher from Strasbourg who probably doesn’t exist.

These hair tests are also trash. They are a waste of your money and have been shown to be BS. If you’d like to waste your money and prove me right, send two strands of hair to different labs and see the results come out differently. Or better yet, take the same strand of hair, cut it into two, send it to two labs and see what they come up with. You can be a couple of $100 down and feel like an idiot.

For everyone reading this, save yourself the trouble. This is about as unreliable as it gets. If I literally threw shit on the wall, it’d come closer to solving PFS than Helen’s theories.


why are her theories not correct? would you explain?

no: why is THIS theory not correct?

That site has been recruiting users via pm here and elsewhere telling them not to visit anymore, and several users have raised concerns about it and potential monetisation. This is in our rules here, but people are encouraged to share specific medications, diets or supplementation that brought them relief in this category.

In terms of disproving, you can’t go through any infinite number of random statements disproving them, sonic. That’s Russel’s teapot. There is not a biologically or pharmacologically accurate basis for this, and (s)he’s not a researcher. Last year when people were in a fluster because he was offering a (then different) “cure” for what he was then calling “case 1 and case 2”, I pointed out that the things he was saying (different but just as coherent - I saved it in a notepad file if you’d like that) were disproved or had no basis in scientific literature. He replied “LOL you believe in studies?!”, and claimed that he’d proved otherwise in his secret lab. I asked for these results, and he said “why would I keep them?”. He also denied the endlessly demonstrated scientific fact that finasteride interacts with 5 alpha reductase, and denied findings prof melcangi intends to publish. So really at that point there’s not much more to say. You can take or leave it based on whatever makes it seem interesting to you. It’s worth pointing out a lot of the drugs they’re messing with are antiandrogenic which always modulate PFS symptoms as has been noted across a decade and I would consider quite a risk to severe cases, as @awor mentioned here:

Regarding your question about fasting, if you’re hoping for an explanation in the context of whatever this is I would ask the person who wrote it.

Good luck with any trialled medications or supplements, and it’d be great if you share what helps you/doesn’t in this category if so.


i don’t know if cd is fraud. i don’t know if helen is a fraud. there is no way to be certain.
what i do know is that a theory can be discussed, argued, denied. using logic.

Now, i have presented this theory. I understood it and seems very logical. I took it to some friends studying medicine and they told me that it can even be right.
I post it here and you tell me that is complete nonsense, which can be, but, please, argue.
I know russel’s teapot, but this is different: helen is not saying that god exists, she make claims theories and you can verify by yourself if is a good theory or not, and why. she’s not saying that teeth fairy exists.

is it true? if it is true, well, is serious. can prove it?
monetisation? how? they just tell you tu use supplements.

and why the hell i can not write hhhaaaccckkkssstttaaasssiiisss???

she’s not saying that teeth fairy exists.

Why not? I’ve seen money appear under my pillow with my own two eyes.

Look, the fact that Gbolduev/Helen changed personas is sketchy enough to disregard his/her words.

Also, this person has falsely presented theories as hard facts, which goes against the rules of this site.
It “could be” right doesn’t mean it is.

we are all fightin again something still not clear.
btw, i showed you this theory, that’s all i wanted to do.
i think is our duty to share infos.
that’s it.

how are you doing btw?

Apologies if I came across as being intentionally aggressive toward you. We are simply raising red flags pertaining to the source of this theory to help others avoid being misled, or worse, being defrauded by being misled.

Like you say, let’s scrutinize the idea, rather than the person for a moment:

The first thing wrong with this theory is that it totally ignores all of the other enzymes dependent on NADPH as an energy source. Why would the mechanism described specifically effect 5-ar and 5-beta reductase moreso than any other enzyme?

Therapeutic concentrations of finasteride have been measured at around 30ng/mL (80nM) in men taking 5mg/day and average physiological concentrations of NADPH have been estimated at around 100 uM. That’s over 1000 times more NADPH than finasteride available. How could this low of concentration of finasteride effect NADPH to any appreciable degree?

The first step is nonsense because finasteride is an irreversible competitive inhibitor of 5-ar and forms a fin_(NAD+)_5-ar complex. One molecule of NADPH used per one molecule of finasteride bound to the active site of one 5-ar enzyme. It’s all explained here and here and here. The normal conversion of testosterone to DHT uses more NADPH than this because the enzyme is continually active, using one NADPH for each conversion.

The first two citations also explain that finasteride is a weak competitive inhibitor of 3-beta reductase, not an inhibitor via lowering cofactor availability, as the theory you posted seems to suggest.

AKR1D1 (3-beta reductase) is inhibited by the 5α-reductase type 2 selective inhibitor finasteride by acting solely as a reversible competitive inhibitor

Also, 5-beta reductase is dependent on NADPH, not NADH as the theory suggests. 5-beta reductase is included in the list of NADPH-dependent enzymes.

The ultimate theory is totally nonsensical from top to bottom and it makes one wonder what the motives are of someone wasting their time being so sloppy like this.

Please feel free to share this on other forums where this theory is being perpetuated.

I’m doing alright. Thanks for asking! Hope you’re as well as can be expected with this condition.

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ok, thiss will require time to be learned and processed.
for now, i can tell you that i made my own studies and doesn’t seem to be that crazy.
i even talked to a doctor who told me that is possible. another one told me that is nonsense.
now, i “feel” that something in this theory is not that crazy. how come many guys get better once they fix the gut, the liver etc. or after a fast? why some of us age quickly? i’m not saying that this is THE ANSWER but it might be.

in regards of the first part. as i always say, i can be naive, so… why and how should they defraud us?
they’re not even telling us where to buy stuff… and why is even the word h…sis forbidden here? what’s going on? competition? i hope no, since we are sick people looking for help. we should all fight together.

i’m happy you’re doin altright, if it doesn’t bother you, i’m gonna pm you.

and @axolotl, i’m still waiting for the proof that they have been recruiting people from here.
and yet, gbolduev changed name because of privacy.
let’s discuss the core of things, what can be beneficial for us, not these little ones.

Sonic, I have already linked you to our rules regarding directing users elsewhere. This site and the projects we’re working on take a lot of work and we don’t do it for people to say pointlessly divisive things about the users here and tell others to not visit this site. We provide it as a resource for everyone suffering the very variable degrees of PFS to share their stories and experiences, and only ask that the community rules are respected in return.

As far as asking me to argue about this, I have already explained to you that I encountered this person when he first latched on to this issue. I pointed out scientific contradiction to what he was saying (which was another ‘theory’ and set of miracle cures), and his response was that he did not believe in published science. Therefore I don’t know what you want me to say. This isn’t scientifically supported nor plausible, and I personally don’t have any further interest in it.

As I’ve said before you’re free to discuss this with anyone interested, free to pursue whatever therapeutic efforts you’d like, and if you have success you can freely post it in this category.


just read the part in which says to not link external forums.
till i’m here, i’m going to respect, but i do not agree, expecially when i can’t even write the forum’s name, this is not right and exagerated: what if someone could find relief by doing something posted somewhere else?
We should join forces.

Sill waiting for proofs: if it is true that they were recruting, i want to know it and see it with my eyes. And everyone should ask the same in order to be know what we are going to meet.

About monetisation: please, please please, explain me how! really, i do not understand.

I’m not here to defend nor to attack this or that, i’m interested in truth, if possible to reach.

Now, returning to the core of things: i exposed the theory to a doctor who uses the fasting protocol: she asked me: what color is your poo? i answered: yellow. She: ok, maybe the theory is correct, you’re not producing bile acids.
She even wants to try injecting glutathione…

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I’m sorry to hear you don’t agree, but these are the terms of use. You can simply copy and paste, as you’ve done to make this thread, if you find something that helps you from wherever. This part of the FAQ answers your question, which I did link you to and then re-refer you to, but can see has still not been clicked. I have highlighted the answer to your question in bold.

please do not link to external sites or forums even it appears easier to point to information hosted elsewhere. Instead, please share in your Member Story or the Therapeutic Efforts category precisely what brought you symptomatic improvement. This also ensures that collated information is not subject to loss following the closure of external sites and services.

I’d hope it would be obvious for various reasons that I’m not going to post private messages members have sent to the moderators.


I’m gonna respect the terms of use for sure. One last thing about this is that you should at least allow us writing the names of other forums, that’s all.
And yes, i understand you cannot report personal messages, i’m sorry.

Now, let’s move on.
I’ll read what Dubya wrote (his links), as soon as i get my energy back, i’m tired of reading theories and scientific studies. i go on like this since february, when i stopped fin.
what am i gonna do now? whatever the right theory is, i’m gonna fast.
uh, i’m currently taking n-acetyl-cysteine, since is a glutatione’s precursor. no result, for now.

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I’m the same as you in that regard, I’ve spent 10 month’s looking on forum’s and about 2 learning about this condition and getting a broader understanding on the science aspects of stuff. It’s hard because my minds all over the place but It has been beneficial for me because i was able to describe some of this to my aunty who now is helping me out a bit with making some money on and off, babysitting or just helping her or my nan out, just small things till i can get my life back, how long will that be I’m not sure but all i see from this site are very good things and progress being made with the collaboration of all the drug user’s coming together, the more we aren’t afraid to talk about this the better, I’ve told a few people about my ED issue’s and other issues, maybe it’s because I don’t care about anything anymore but regardless, still managing to tell and not one person has laughed or judged me yet which has been helping and if they do, who knows, maybe those nasty people will end up with something worse, nobody knows but karma is an amazing thing :blush: i don’t like nasty people, too many of those on this planet already, I’d rather not contribute.

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There is evidence that the person you are referencing and putting trust in has grabbed onto the “guru mantle” on multiple forums for MULTIPLE CHRONIC DISEASES. Ie he has claimed that he knows how to cure different chronic diseases on multiple forums while claiming that he used to suffer from all of them. The likelihood of this being true is extremely small, so much so, that to doubt that this person is an attention seeking whore and fraud is not reasonable.

Remember: This is the internet and we are discussing chronic diseases. This kind of discussion on this kind of medium attracts very strange and mentally unstable people like the person you are referencing. What is more likely: That a mentally unstable anonymous poster has uncovered the cure for multiple chronic diseases he suffered from or that he is lying and an attention whore?

Yes we could go down every rabbit hole a nutcase presents to us and demands we explore, however that would be an incredible waste of time. Lets use our brains and pursue avenues that are actually promising like scientific research via the foundation and simple healthy lifestyles that are good for everyone (including non PFS sufferers, like healthy diet, sport etc).

I’m not arguing in favor of anyone else’s theory or am I claiming to fully understand this thread. I’m simply saying that enzymes dependent on the cofactor Fin or Dut binds may have also been negatively effected. Take me for example. I have low 3b-adiol. So I may want to research this further and try to find out why. I speculate that taking Dut and Saw P caused me to have low 3b-adiol but I cant be sure. Assuming I am right that Dut and Saw P caused me to have low 3b-adiol the logical question becomes how would a 5AR inhibitor cause me to have low 3b-adiol?

I am also in the progress of having my allopreg levels checked as well as my cortisol: cortisone ratio. Cortisone is the inactive form of cortisol. So I figure by confirming I have a proper cortisol: cortisone ratio I can confirm that the enzyme that converts active cortisol to inactive cortisone is functioning properly. So that’s my logic. I am more or less looking at the enzymes that share the common co factor. Obviously if I can find useful info I will share it

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