The Tressless reddit group is dangerously misleading!

I posted on here a while ago about my bad experience with finasteride. I only took 1 finasteride pill and had really bad side effects straight away. I was lucky enough to recover after 3 weeks. I’m not sure if I’m back to 100% but I’m close and I hope to get there one day!

My hair thinning has increased and I’ve been looking into natural ways to reduce hairfall and promote growth i.e rosemary/pumpkin oils etc. Anytime I land on the tressless reddit page, the amount of comments/posts advocating heavily for finn is insane and anytime anyone even suggests natural remedies or talk about their bad experience with finn, these finasteride fanatics (that’s what I call them) immediately start belittling/bullying/gas lighting these people constantly citing medical studies etc and heavily down playing the side effects. This is so dangerous! Tressless was the reason why I tried finn in the first place because of the many success stores and before/after pics.

I hate how most of the people in that group rarely acknowledge the side effects. It’s dangerously misleading! I would hate for someone else to go through what I went through. I felt so bad I remember I planned out my suicide, it’s easily the worst I’ve every felt in my life and I just wish PFS was more widely known. I know this forum is working to support studies into PFS and hopefully once the results are out, it would make people more aware of the situation.

What do you guys think? What do you think we could do about the tressless reddit group?


Do nothing about them. A fraction of them will be doomed and join us

The rest will continue

Let’s proceed forward with getting the science down, after that no one will be able to refute


There’s nothing we realistically can do. If you have energy to do something, use it to propel our effort forward.

Talk to your friends, tell your family, make sure your symptoms have been reported to your doctor, tell your country’s regulatory body, tell your MP, your government.

Don’t waste your life arguing with people who aren’t going to listen.


For 30 years finasteride is on the market. A cancer treatment, anti androgens really discussed as chemical castration for sex criminals. 1994 brachial endocrine disruptor for prostate shrinkage. 1998, knowing all this brutal facts from the early eithies, released as a hairloss drug for cosmetic reasons.

2003 twenty years ago the first victims organized in a yahoo group. 2004 the first doctors like Dr Crisler got ahead of this and when I remember he was the prophet who has promised salvation to all and whose religious prophecies seem to be the pfs gold standard up to now.

Who tries to break out the 20 years ongoing critic resistent, every approach blocking, fanatism is ugly attacked by some dogmatic self healers. Who realy try to criticise the dogma like me, is in my case attacked by stalkers and fanatic self healers


there is sometimes no difference to the tressless guys.


This ^


As you pointed out, yes as cynical as it is, this creazy tressless is a recruitment platform for new pfs cases. These stupid fanatics are the only ones I have no sympathy for, if they get severe symptoms.

But for me it’s much worse how some false prophets in our own rows managed to immobilize possibly 100.000 victims with a single never-proven healing protocol for 20 years. And even today, many hormone fanatics follow any progress with suspicion and anger. This is so unimaginable for me.

The action still in a few hands. With a fighting community this drug could has been from the market for 10 years now. Nobody of us should have pfs without the fucking cycles keep the victims calm and help Merck to let it on the market.

Someone call me a poser!? Let’s meet in Münster this summer with hundreds of German, Dutch, Belgian, Swiss and Austrian victims. For a hcg shot you all can go there even if bedbound.


As others have said, it really is wasted energy.

People suffering that kind of extreme cognitive dissonance rarely change, unless this of course happened to them. It’s a psychological safety blanket.

If you have the energy to change something, help us change it, sustainably and rationally, through scientific discovery and awareness. Then the reality becomes irrefutable.