The total suck!


Many of us are yet lucky that they still manage to get an erection, masturbate and have sex. But there are those like me who can not get any of this. I was taken very seriously. I do not get an erection and if I try to masturbate or otherwise ejaculate, which is also difficult, my mental symptoms get seriously worse. I tried again last night, I was very bad. Masturbation and ejaculation increase serum prolactin levels and have a supregregulating effect on AR receptor expression. THE TOTAL SUCK! I think I have extremely high AR. It is destroying my penis! I want to get Progesterone and HCG and try to lower AR.


I understand where you’re coming from, but I would hesitate to say that any of us are in any way lucky. It probably does no harm however to place value in what we still have and to be aware that all of us have our own set of side effects that have unfairly been dealt us. I can appreciate that this can be difficult when so much may have been taken away. I have hope however that this is a problem to be solved rather than a life sentence. I think that we can take sustenance in knowing that there are people out there who survive through incredible odds. Although we may not have the same symptoms we are all in solidarity here.