The Start of My Holistic Treatment Plan (Weekly Blog)


May 7, 2019

Hello Everyone,

My name is Kevin and I have been suffering from PFS since the end of January this year (not long I know, but my symptoms were full blown PFS) after taking the medication for 2 weeks 0.25mg EOD (again, low dosage and low time period, but it messed me up real bad).

Here’s a concise list with the degree of each symptom that began to appear after 2 weeks of cessation of finasteride:

-Seborhemic Dermatitis-> leading to accelerated hairless-> Red bumps and itchiness on scalp and dandruff (10)
-Hair texture changes everywhere-dry and brittle- loss of body hair (10)
-Brain fog- reduced significantly (2)
-Loss of eyebrows (8)
-Hair losing black color- turning reddish (2)
-Slight Blurry Vision- fluctuates (2)
-Slight ringing in Ears- fluctuates (2)
-Slight loss of taste (5)
-Loss of Facial Fat (10)
-Muscle Waste (7)
-Sometimes tight feeling in throat- throat swells up (2-8)
-Skinnier fingers, toes, wrist, etc (8)
-Gynecomastia (4)
-Fat gain around mid-section (5)
-Slight Insomnia (2)
-Tight feeling in penis- shrunken testicles- occasional ED (7)
-Less Ejaculate (7)
-Possible prostate pain? (2)
-Unable to get pump in muscles at the gym (8)
-Cold hands and feet even in warm places (7)
-Constipation (occasionally- much less now, although stool has a green tint to it) (2)

So as you may have guessed/experienced, the amount of trauma that I went through the past few months have been overwhelming, and I’ve been desperately trying to find a way out of this. Tired of being told there’s nothing wrong with me except low free t by doctor’s both in the US and in China, I decided to visit a holistic healer based in Los Angeles, California. Reasons why i decided to try a holistic healer is because 1) so many parts of my body has been affected that it has to be a systemic failure in my body 2) traditional doctors have offered no effective alternative or cure 3) my blood work results are all in range except low t (I did blood work for everything, including the thyroid).

Anyway, this will be my place to keep a log and update my symptoms for anyone else interested. I just had my first visit to my doctor and we talked for and hour and fifteen minutes. She determined that my main issues are: thyroid, prostate, spleen, bacterial/fungal infection, and high metallic toxicity (and the inability to expel toxins from my body). It turns out that finasteride is just the catalyst for these toxins to overwhelm vital organs, creating a cascade of issues. My current treatment plan is as follow: strict diet and natural supplement plan that may last up to a year with check ups weekly/biweekly. I have not yet received my supplements nor the dosage as I am still waiting for a follow-up email from my appointment, but everything should be in order in 2 days. My goal is to update the thread once I have my regimen down, record any changes, how I feel from a week to week basis, and any new information in the follow ups. Please ask me any questions you have and I will try to answer as soon as I can; I visit this website daily. I will try to give as much detail about my diagnosis, diet, supplements, etc when I have the information.

All the Best,

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Sorry to hear of your problems Kevin.

Have you taken our member survey and submitted your 23& Me results?

I know that in various places around the world that alternative medicines are given the same prominence as legitimate scientifically proven treatments. I don’t know why that’s allowed but I wouldn’t expect much to happen with this treatment, unfortunately. As you’ll know, all your symptoms are downstream effects from whatever the drug has changed in your body and the person selling whatever it is they’re going to give you won’t know what the root cause is. Sorry if this seems pessimistic, I nearly didn’t add this part of the post as I didn’t want to make you feel bad but really you must know that it’s desperation that’s driven you to this, not rational thought. This treatment will likely only empty your bank account and depending on what they give you, may make things worse for you.

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Hey Greek,

Thats quite alright, I don’t mind the pessimism as it’s important to be grounded in reality. I’m not saying that this will be the silver bullet, but it’s worth a shot as conventional doctors have not been able to help me. Also I now have a list of supplements that have been suggested to me:

Bactrex - to treat bacterial infections
Fung Dx- to treat fungal infections
ACX - to help drain toxins from body and avoid detox symptoms
Zypan - facilitate healthy digestion
Solidago - reduce inflammation (is a diuretic)
Thytrophin- thyroid support
Ligaplex- ligament and muscle support to help with thinning wrists, fingers and muscle loss

Has anyone tried these? They are arriving tomorrow so I thought I’d ask around before putting anything in my body. I’ve done a bit of researching on them and they appear to be relatively safe, doesn’t appear to affect the endocrine system. Let me know what you guys think


Hello Oct18, What is your plan for the diet?



Oh yeah? How exactly did she determine this?


Hey @Oct18, thanks for taking that in good humour.
I won’t continue with this but if I were to pick one thing from your list (obviously I’ve heard of none of them) it’d be the thing for detoxing I’d pick on.
Sorry to be that guy, but there’s no such thing as a detox. It can’t be done. You can leave your liver to work on things. Detox is just a word that is used to sell wheatgrass shots or vitamin drinks, unfortunately. You can’t put something into your body to have it detoxify itself. Google it and look at the reputable sources that come up.

Obviously, if you’re going ahead, good luck. I would suggest that you find out what hormone / 5ar effecting properties these things have before you begin.

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