The same sides from Mirena IUD experienced by women

I am giving this here to better understand our problems. look women are having the same sides from IUD (progestrone based).
very much like fin/saw palmetto use these effects were exacerbated when it was taken out. Note some women got sides in few days and could never got back to normal.
1-lost sex drive
3-joint pain
6-perimenapause at an early age.
7-fine body hair.
8-brain fog, inability to think
9-depression, mood swing.
10- vision problem.
etc etc

if you google for sides from Mirena IUD there thousands and thousands posts. Also if you go on forums like curzone some people are blaming it as auot immnue disorder.

my gut is telling me there is something commone.
is Progesterone ?

I would say supplementing progestrone is not good idea as has suggested by hypo_is_here as well. The Marina IUD contains progesterone which cause women all the same sides what we have. they have high oestrogen, high cortisol, low testosterone and very low progesterone after removing IUD.

These ladies are getting breast cancer, lumps or calcification as well in their breasts ( .If I am remembering correctly the girl named Maria also used progesterone to get hormonally messed up like us.
why progesterone is causing pfs syndrome? I think due to elevated level of progesterone from IUD and in us from testosterone backup (not converting to DHT) . So the answer lies in prgesterone imbalance?

the more I am reading the more I am getting convinced progesterone is a big player in our condition.
please read how women are crashing after removing their IUD, I don’t know how can I agree more.
I also started experiencing dizziness about 5 months after removal. This was never anything I had while Mirena was in. I blamed it on the Progesterone cream I was using, and stopped, and the symptoms faded after about a month. However, the dizziness is BACK along with sore breasts, muscle aches, depression, and severe fatigue. What is going ON?!?!

Women are biologically different than men in many ways, including hormonally.

They did not take a 5AR inhibitor and comparing apples to oranges is a waste of time. That’s my opinion and you are entitled to yours, of course, but we both know our problem won’t be solved from a computer keyboard.

Mew do you get pleasure our of being so sarcastic and bitter ? Seriously it sounds sooooo snobish and not necessary at all…and yes men and women are different, but we still being human beings and we started having problems after taking a hormone medication… And we all know that acting like you wont help people either.

Brazilian, this has nothing to do with being bitter, it has to do with cluttering up the forum with threads that have nothing to do with our condition.

Women on IUDs did not inhibit 5AR, bottom line. Striken simply states “they have same problems as us” – you could potentially say that about any condition, it doesn’t mean the CAUSE or MECHANISMS for the persistent issues is the same, nor will the solution be the same.

Anyway if you and spstriken feel like researching this angle via etc, go ahead. As mentioned many times over, the only way our issue will be solved is via a research study on us in the lab to determined what Finasteride did to us. Until then, everything else is simply speculation.

I think there is a lot of weight in my theory. it is not just apples vs oranges.
how many of us have tested progesterone?
I will dig tomorrow and will prove/disprove my theory.

For almost a decade now I have said that what we have has tons in common with high progesterone symptoms. In fact, I took the RU-486 aka the abortion drug a few years back because it is one of the few progesterone inhibitors. The other is the steroid Winstrol/Stanzalolol, but I have no access to that.

If you do research on “Deca Dick”, you will see that it is the same type of sexual problems…to where your penis is just almost like rubber with no feeling and zero libido. Deca Dick is caused by anabolic steroids like Deca that mimic progesterone in the body, and most of the time these bodybuilders do not recover from it.

There is a study where a man with high progesterone and low testosterone levels took RU 486 and it lowered his Pro and upped his testosterone.

Progesterone is also a known 5AR inhibitor. I have always been against using it and Pregnenalone, hence why I have opted for hydrocortisone instead.

Personally, my progesterone levels have always been at the top of the range or above since I started testing them.

When I took RU-486 I do not think that I took it for long enough, only a week.

Have you taken progesterone, sp? If you think there’s alot of weight to your theory, try it out and let us know the results.

To Mew

Do we know that Accutane is 5 alpha reductase inhibitor? yes
Do we know that accutane causes same loss of emotions, sex drive, and infertility in both boys and girls? yes

now is it just coincidence that accutane users who are suffering from all symptoms like us (infertility or low sex drive, fatigue etc) have low progesterone? Don’t you believe me read the following stories of accutane sufferers athough they are women but I am sure if I spend more time I will find some males as well. The problem is progesterone normally is not tested in males’s blood tests.

I have done two different cycles of accutane. I relapsed after 3 years and decided to go on it again. It’s been 7 years since i have had to take it. It did clear up my skin, but I am now worried I am experiencing infertility due to my hormones being off. Accutane changes your hormones, and is a very strong drug, I took it twice. The doctors know I am infetile due to lack of progesterone. I can’t help but think that accutane is part of the cause of this. hormones do change over time, so i am hoping that eventually i will get back to normal.
anna, im the excat same. low progesterone. it was 9.5. so i have started taking angus cactus. hopefully that will bing it up a bit. ill let you know next month if it makes a difference.
My progesterone became really low ever since I took that acne drug Accutane, and my acne wasn’t even that bad.
I would check out the Alternative Remedies forum, many posts have mentioned progesterone cream, all the way to eating a lot of yams (although you’d have to eat a huge amount) to get the extra progesterone you’re asking about.
Have you tried Provera or Prometrium?
I am a 35 y.o. female. I took accutane when I was 21 and again when I was 23. My acne came back a few years later and I still struggle with it.
Here’s the bad news…my libido has been low for the last 10 years. I have been using bioidentical hormones under the supervision of a doctor for the last 15 months. This includes tweaking my estrogen, progesterone, DHEA and testosterone levels. 15 months and I am not better.
I think Accutane has permanently done damage to my drive.
If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it.


I think we are arriving on something now. It is either
turning off of gene resulting in shut down of production of particular hormone ( Awor’s theory)
production of anti bodies against receptors of particular hormone rendering receptors non-functional,causing resistance for that hormone. initially the level of that hormone (testosterone, progestrone etc) increases but then decreases due to negative feed back.
I am saying this because many women after discovering low progesterone jumped on creams etc to increase their progesterone level but after 2 - 3 months their positive effects faded and these ladies just like us came back to square one.
interestingly these women also tried chasteberry as we did on this forum. viewtopic.php?t=1149

why progesterone may be possible cause?
look at the post here search.php?st=0&sk=t&sd=d&sr=posts&keywords=progesterone&start=100

maybe after 5ARi use progesterone does not convert to 5-alpha-DHP thus there is a rise in level of it which results in increased level of estradiol through Androstenedione,Testosterone. We get increase in Estradiol throught two paths. one from DHT and other through Androstenedione.
Maybe women got the same effect by direct increase in progesterone through Marina IUD.

Finally I encourage every one to look at our problem from every angle possible. Don’t make it personal ego matter. We are here to help each other, not to win arguments.

Please read my posts again. I am talking about low level of progesterone. please google to find relation between progesterone and estrogen. lack of progesterone cuases fatigue, emotionlessness and increase in estrogen.

progesterone protects men against excessive estrogen.

and good point about anabolic steroids like Deca that mimic progesterone in the body that points to cause of the problem. This mimicry causes shut down of production of natural progesteron ( again Marina IUD effect).

I am not cluttering. if you think I am wrong think twice.
looks like there is a lot of commonalities here.

Looks like progesterone could be a very strong inhibitor of 5ar.

thanks Dubya_B
I will welcome more members to criticize my theory.
I spent a lot of time today reading blood tests and it became clear most of us have above normal range progesterone.
also Mew wrote many times that progesterone is used to calm down sex offenders.

Progesterone insensitivity !!!

What planet are you pissing on exactly?
My Naturopath put me on progesterone cream to help with the crashes, which worked wonderfully for about 2 months, then I started to have horrible side effects in the 3rd month. I have been off the cream for 2 months now, but the side effects persist – some have faded,

I just stopped the prog. cream after nine months. I didn’t feel it was making me feel better. It might have been helping my bone, but I don’t know.
I noticed good effects the very first night I used the cream. My insomnia and anxiety were gone and it was magical. Very soon after, within 3 weeks, my IBS, remaining dry eye, and Heartburn were also gone (which finally made the case for me that these were related to hormones, rather than an infection that my doctor was trying to treat). Every woman is different, as we all know, but a very low dose of P-Cream had dramatic effects for me.

However, as you may have read in my previous posts, over time I had an extremely adverse reaction to Progesterone cream. Yes, I did use pharmaceutical grade bioidentical prescribed by a doctor. I used it for a little over 3 months and developed side effects that I am still dealing with a year later, though a few of them are slowly fading.

so clearly there is link between us and these women. I don’t know it is because of auto immune or because of Progesterone being 5 alpha reductase inhibitor.
we should look at every model to better understand our problem.

WTF??? i was talking to fab on skype…and this is what he showed me.
An open-label series using loratadine for the treatment of sexual dysfunction associated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
Aukst-Margetić B, Margetić B.

Neuropsychiatric Hospital Dr. Ivan Barbot Vinogradska 55, Popovaca 44317, Croatia.

To assess the impact of loratadine as an add-on treatment of erectile dysfunctions associated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

Nine patients diagnosed as major depressive disorder (MDD), with erectile dysfunction associated with the administration of SSRIs, completed a 2-week trial of loratadine in the dose of 10 mg/day. The International Index of Erectile Function Five (IIEF-5) was used as an assessment measure for diagnosing the presence and severity of erectile dysfunction. The 17-item Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HAM-D) was administered for screening the potential impact of depressive symptoms.

Baseline mean S.D.+/-IIEF-5 scores were 10.33+/-4.55 (range 5-20) and week 2 mean+/-S.D. IIEF-5 was 14.44+/-3.84 (range 10-22). Subjects had statistically significant improvement in their erectile functions on the IIEF-5 (t = -8.485; df = 8; p = 0.000) and 55% reported subjective improvement of the erectile function. No significant changes on HAM-D 17 scores were registered. Baseline mean S.D. scores were 13.66+/-2.29 (range 10-17) and week 2 mean S.D. was 13.11+/-1.96 (range 10-16) (t = 1.47; df = 8; p = 0.179).

Our findings suggest the possible role of loratadine in the treatment of SSRI-associated sexual dysfunction. They are promising, but preliminary. Thus they should be replicated in a longer large-scale, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

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im bumping this thread for the last post above this one even though i havent tried propecia, but can anyone try samjone’s advice and see if it helps relieve their side effects? This can give many many people new confidence in trying propecia!
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Originally Posted by samjone36 View Post

Use the link above and see for yourself. Claritan (Loratadine) has been clinically determined to solve erectile dysfunction in men. I suffered from sexual dysfunction for many years after discontinuing propecia and stumbled upon this by accident. I tried Claritan for an allergy and the next day I noticed that I had regained full erectile function. Try it please and never give up hope.
Good find.
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I’m going to take Claritin Allergy (regarding what braziliandude posted) and let you all know!

More research about Loratadine