The protocol with which I plan to recover

Hi, guys,

I’ve decided to stop crying around corners and I’m going to start a recovery protocol. After reading all the recovery stories I think they all have something in common:

  • Stop thinking about it, try to relax and if possible practice meditation and breathing exercises in order to lower the cortisol levels that are preventing the body from starting a recovery.
  • Holistic approach, as fundamental is to try a supplement as to take care of the feeding and to practice sport. I refuse to stay in this state.

My symptoms are very severe, and at least I intend to return to a functional state. My face and body are completely destroyed and I have lost my job and my ability to enter the world of work. The symptoms include:

  • Penis atrophy and ED including daily pain.
  • Slow healing of wounds and inflammatory state (when I hit myself while playing sports I get bruises)
  • The skin all over my body is completely aged. Wrinkles, extremely dry skin and my face has lost subcutaneous fat. I don’t recognize myself in the mirror.
  • Poor tolerance to sport
  • I have very little hunger
  • I have lost muscle and bone mass.
  • Depression and anxiety (although I think due to my body changes)
  • My skin wrinkles on my hands and feet if it is in contact with water

My plan:

Daily supplements:

  • Multivitamins to improve skin and bones (Magnesium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C), collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid
  • Supplements to combat penis atrophy: Acetyl l Carnitine, Arginine and Cialis daily at low doses.

Increase activity 5AR:

  • Creatine cycle combined with sorghum for three weeks.
  • Cycle of tongkat ali for three weeks (I will increase doses until 500mg daily)

2500 kcal paleo diet along with intermittent fasting 16:8

  • Large amount of food rich in vitamin C in the form of smothies, broccoli juice and beets (increase in nitric oxide).
  • Large amount of fats and proteins to promote the regeneration of the body (meat, fish, protein shake, eggs, milk…)


  • Heavy weights with multiarticular exercises (dead weight, squat…etc).
  • HIIT in the form of sprints twice a week
  • Aerobic resistance exercise once a week (one hour).
  • Kegel exercises

Daily morning and afternoon relaxation exercises.
Take an online course while I start to focus my head on something else.
Cognitive behavioral therapy exercises (on your own)

After all of the above I plan to do a cycle of DHT prohormons or proviron in order to desensitize the ARs.

Every part of the protocol has been well studied, including the diet in order to give as much support as possible to the body so that it can recover. My goal is that I can begin to be functional and I am completely determined to do so. There is nothing new in all of the above that has not already been discussed in the forum.

I suspect that this shit is not a disease per se. It is simply the sequelae produced by androgenic deprivation. There is no magic pill that will cure you when the symptoms are severe. You have to attack from all sides.

Feel free to share your opinions.


Horrible to hear what symptoms you have mate I really hope this goes well for you and you achieve a state you find more functional.

Best wishes, keep us updated

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Exercise, diet everything is great, but plz practice a great caution with suppliments and vitamins. These are literally unpredictable. A simple vitamin like Vit C gave me constipation and acid reflux for a week.


@lacpaz I echo what @FinDestroyedMe says, I’ve been destroyed by all of what your suggesting supp and food wise and have since developed intolerences to almost all. I also have the muscle atrophy, bone, tissue, collagen loss etc . Has any of that stabilised for you, did it reach a point and settle down with time? If so how long. I’m 20 years into PFS but the atrophy and food intolerances started approx 2 years ago and the changes have been nothing short of profound. I’m just preying it stops before there’s nothing left. I continue to exercise to try to slow, preserve in the hope that things turn around and growth returns. Thanks in advance

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Ive been doing the eat healthy and do alot of sports for 2 years nearly. No change in symptoms. Imo the body will need some help to recover, but I also think a holistic approach is necessary. Over the next 6 months I’ll trial anti-inflammatory and mitochondrial positive peptides along with most of the other stuff you mentioned.


Try one thing at a time not all at once, otherwise you won’t know what difference they individually make (if any).

I took proviron for 2 days and quit. Now i feel like my androgen receptors are even more sensitive than ever before.

Did you ask them?

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The receptors.

Lol. But earlier i was able to respond to exercise and masturbation, now nothing. My testosterone is 733 and i feel like i am a eunuch. What a joke.


Same here dude, testo 650, high SHGB, high E2 (out of range).

Androgenic body as fuck, 85kg with abs and veins for 182cm , 42cm arms, 63cm tights, so muscular and natty.

And 0 libido, eunuch style

That’s a good plan.

It needs daily sunlight and cardio outdoors. That’s helped me the most. I was a serial poster here, staying indoors all day throwing weights around thinking I was “exercising”, and thus “exercising” was useless and would make you worse. I even touted this on the forum a few times. But now its making me a lot better, going outdoors and getting sunshine and doing real exercise.

Hi Lacpaz,

I like your plan and wish you all the best. I did something similar (heavy weightlifting, HIIT, nature, meditation) to recover most of my symptoms which were severe but not as grave as yours.

I didn’t take any supplements however since I felt like my body needs to get back into balance and I didn’t want to overstimulate in any direction. But that’s just my opinion.

I hope I can help your breathing and meditation with this:
Here is a youtube Pranayama (breathing yoga) session.

This session is very advanced, but the guy offers a 17h video course on Pranayama for 9,99 (which I bought) that helps you get there eventually. It’s very good and really cheap for what you get.

They also offer a meditation course which I haven’t tried. But I am meditating really a lot and am happier then I have ever been in my life.

All the best to you. Kind regards,