The Multitasking Mast Cell: Positive and Negative Roles in the Progression of Autoimmunity

Reproductive hormones, particularly estrogen and progesterone, may also influence mast cell activation in autoimmunity. Most autoimmune diseases, including MS, are more prevalent in females, and fluctuations in hormonal levels during ovulation or pregnancy can aggravate or diminish disease. Estrogens, including environmental estrogenic pollutants, can induce mast cell degranulation in vitro, whereas progesterone appears to inhibit histamine secretion. A greater understanding of the relationships between hormone levels, stress, and mast cell activation will likely open doors to therapeutic measures in human autoimmunity.

Cure for autoimmune disieses won’t never exist.
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There are medicines that inhibit specific IL’s.

The point of posting the article is that estrogens activate autoimmune systems. Histamines impact libido and erections, possibly brain fog, by too much or too little.