The mandalorian

Has anyone seen this? I have seen 3 episodes but thought it was pretty great thus far.

Haven’t watched it yet, but it looks awesome. Might start this week.


I’ve been meaning to watch it myself, I’m the mood for some Star Wars after playing a bit of Jedi Fallen Order.

Are all the episodes released all at once or is it worth waiting for the full season to come out before getting a subscription?

Didn’t watch it. But i recommend Mr.Robot if you haven’t seen it. Its plot is related to our condition in world, in many ways.

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I couldn’t finish the first episode of The Mandalorian. Just thought it was too pulpy. Maybe I’ll give it another go. I got an advanced ticket to go see Rise of Skywalker though. I hope Daisy Ridley climbs out of her smack habit soon and not end down the same path as Carrie Fisher.

I got disinterested in Mr. Robot when its personal dramas way overshadowed the plot of a global revolution. Does the last season redeem itself?

I kinda like this about it, I guess it wont be for everyone but I found it pretty easy to watch. It’s very straightforward and quite westerny thus far. Could give it one or two more eps, might like where it goes. Really like what theyve done with the music too.

Not sure what you mean about Daisy Ridley, sounds like gossip. I think she’s really good in sw. However I did see her say she’s on accutane, so even if true she’s already dodged quite a bullet. Wish I’d had these jedi genetics.


I watched a couple of episodes of this after seeing this topic.

I like it a lot. It’s a nice western in a space environment.

Nice to see some models/puppets in the mix, I much prefer practical effects where possible. I assume budget isn’t much of a concern but it’s amazing how cheap the CGI looks in places (and great at others to be fair), given the army of VFX people on the credits. I guess it REALLY costs a lot to make things look as good as the movies.

I’m glad you flagged it @axolotl, I probably wouldn’t have checked it out otherwise. :slight_smile:

Nice to have a topic about something light and easy too.

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