The Interplay between Finasteride-Induced Androgen Imbalance, Endoplasmic

One interesting finding from this study is that when male rats are given Finasteride, epigenetic differences show up in their offspring.

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It’s not surprising at all. IIRC another older study showed the same thing.

We also know that if someone becomes obese their epigenome changes for the worse and those changes stay with them even if they lose the weight. And obese women pass those epigenetic markers to their offspring etc.

It’s already shown to cause dna damage which is irreversible so I’m not surprised it would pass on to offspring/children

Fin is not ionizing radiation… It did not make irreversible damage to our DNA. Posts like this would easily scare a new member.


Here’s the study I’m referring to, it can

I won’t argue the study. But DNA damage (DNA strand breaking) does not equal irreversible damage of our DNA. And of course, the study is using females subjected to prolong usage. I suppose it was just the wording.

I was new here a year ago, and posts like that put me into a frenzy. I thought my life was over, i’d just hate to have someone else feel that stomach drop gut punch when reading certain things.