The importance of semen retention for life and PFS RECOVERY


I really should put a survey about the ejaculation habits, maybe we would be surprised (or not)

I’m sure that +95% people here ejaculating minimum 1 o 2 times a week before, during and after Finasteride.

Body consumes enormous amount of resources to form semen, and this is comparable to nature when i’ve seen the trees sacrifice his sheets for reproduction when they get little water.

This is the same in our bodies. Semen always must be replaced when is expelled. And semen, sperm, is esential for repair any part of the body. If you have PFS and you still ejaculate weekly or daily, your body will never recover.

This is like 1+1=2. I’ve studied a lot about this and i must say that all the people here must to practique the semen retention. No masturbation and no sex.

You must give your body the opportunity to accumulate resources for the recovery. Good nutrition and retain semen (casually this is also important for repair and mantain the hair).

Please, do it. If your body is damaged by Finasteride your resources they will not work to repair their cells, the will work for recompose the semen.

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I don’t believe this. I think ejaculation is healthy because it clears out the bacteria in your prostate

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Clear out the bacteria from your semen stains, clear out your pornography habit too. Unless you are well over 50 years old frequent ejaculation raises the occurrence of prostate inflammation and prostate cancer. Even in young and healthy teenage boys it depletes your energy and drive and if you have PFS you are certainly not young and healthy.

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Semen retention is a part of my recovery program.

See my post TRT and natural treatments are healing my body.