The "Hair Loss" Community is just a Cult of Propecia, and a Hive of Incels - We Must Make People Aware of This

As I eluded to in my post yesterday (which I’ve since deleted - if you’d like to know more about that then message me), I believe the best way to steer people away from the Cult of Propecia is to shine the light on how these forums and subs are really just incel infestations where the deepest insecurities of bitter, resentful neckbeards are shamelessly discussed.

r/tressless seems to be the biggest hotspot at the moment, and it seems they’ve gotten way more careful on who’s allowed to post and what words/terms they use since all those incel subreddits got banned, but make no mistake, this is one of the new premier incel subreddits. Still, because of what happened with those other subs they extremely tame compared to hairlosstalk and similar rogue sites, as well as Cult of Propecia Grand Wizard K.M. (not using his full name because he seems like the kind of guy that Googles himself regularly - wouldn’t want him to get a deranged member of his audience to try and kill me) and his fanatics. Honestly, I’ve never seen more red flags than I’ve seen in hair loss video comment sections or hair loss forums. Even 8chan posters aren’t this repulsive. I don’t doubt that some of these unstable people are potential right-wing terrorists (if I were in the FBI I’d keep a VERY close eye on in particular, although for all I know, they already are).

I’m not sure what the best way is to connect the Cult of Propecia with inceldom. There are plenty of comments and users to screenshot, but it would be pointless to post here since we’d just be preaching to the choir, and commenting on the forums or subs themselves won’t do anything other than get you flogged (and might just push one of these degenerates to target you - god knows they’ve got plenty of time on their hands, and don’t ever underestimate how deranged a cultist can become. There’s almost no limit to it). Maybe starting a brigade on Twitter? Maybe getting Reddit admins involved to potentially quarantine or even ban r/tressless? Maybe flagging K.M. videos for harrassment or even calls to violence? Even if he himself isn’t violent (I doubt he would be - he’s clearly in it to exploit these dweebs and milk the cult for all they’re worth, but his audience certainly has the potential for it) Give me all of your ideas - maybe we can get something going here.

I think the best we can do is stop new people from getting sucked into this cult. Based on the disgusting and repulsive things I’ve seen on these horrendous places - once you’ve gotten sucked into that cult, you might be FUBAR, but if we can destroy these hives we might make future infestations more difficult and make it that much harder for them to prey on vulnerable people. Deplatforming is very effective, and it’s probably the best thing we can try to do right now.

I was an incel trump supporter and it was a severely shitty outlook on the world that made me believe looks were everything and that I MUST regrow my hair or else life would lose meaning.

Internet forums cultivated this mindset and I accepted it as fact.

I’ve since opened a bible and am now a democrat who has a better outlook on the world.


Hi Zonz2. I was never a full-blown incel or a right-winger, but I was absolutely a shut-in and spent WAY too much time on the computer (as I imagine many us did before this, and many vanity-obsessed hair loss forum members are). It’s a rabbit-hole that never ends, which you and I found out the hard way. When I first found out about my hair loss, I was extremely insecure, but not insecure enough to take propecia after reading the horror stories. Two years later, I had become insecure and insane enough to take it, and as you can tell, became one of the horror stories. This is actually why I’m convinced the vast majority of young men losing their hair never take Propecia - you need to be seriously warped to risk your sex life and masculinity just to slow down your hair loss. I guess I paid for my terrible perspective, didn’t I?

Still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to keep vulnerable people who might still be pushed in a better direction from falling down this Hellish, shallow, insane rabbit hole to begin with. Would you be interested in helping me go after one of these hair loss hives?

I dont know, basically I want nobody to take this stuff. On the other, I believe the whole world should take it since we would have answers much sooner. If covid only affected 10000 people we would never have a vaccine for it. So take your choice, do you want to help other or help yourself. I mainly want to help myself now as egoistically it may sound.


I’ve already tried and got banned off of /r/tressless and hairlosstalk. But you can go ahead and try.