The European Commission has given 9 million for rare desease research

I’ll tell you the information later.


That sounds very promising @airforlife, thank you for posting it. Do you have a link where we can all read more about this information? I’ve googled around but couldn’t find anything.

Wow, that’s great news.

Where is the official announcement?

So what, there are many rare diseases. They will likely use this for rare diseases which causes death and won’t use a penny for pfs /endocrine disruption syndrome.


That’s the fund 55M from the EU. USA and other countries can participate under certain conditions.
We should hurry with these funds. The deadlines are closing soon and after Corona there will be for sure less money avaible for rare disease research…

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Coincidentally, I have been looking at rare disease funds this week for our purposes, including this one. I would appreciate if anyone could forward me contact details of the people involved to discuss the approach. It would put us higher on the learning curve.


hi… what a terrible blow. was the title and the informations wrong? I feel like crying


Let’s have a call. I am currently preparing for a H2020 research fund for my work.

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the title yesterday: The European Commission has given 9 million for PSSD research. u gave so many people false hope.


The thing is, there are bunch of rare diseases, the ones that are acknowledged, PFS is not ackbowledged yet, so I doubt that will include PFS. At least this is my logic :slight_smile:

The original poster has asked that this topic be deleted.

It seems the information posted was inaccurate and has upset some people.

I am closing it for now while we discuss it.