Hey guys i know you havent heard from me in months. well a lot has happened in that time. I had low testosterone so i started taking proviron and garlic to try and boost my T leves. Well a few months ago my T levels were 359ng and I had them done a few weeks ago and they were 462ng. So it appears that by using garlic I boosted my testosterone up.

On another note I was suffering from erectile dysfunction and I went to the top three people in the NY area for that. Dr. Melman, Dr McCullough, and Dr Mulhall. I strongly urge people suffering from this to get a thorough check up. i had a full hormonal screening which came back normal. I had a nervous system check which was normal so then I had a blood flow and venous flow check. it turned out that I was born with a small pudendal artery. I was always suseptable to Erectile dysfunction but the propecia just sped up the process by aging me quicker. Once the tissue in the penile area changes it is very hard to get the concentrtion of collagen to erectile tissue the same again. After having 2 doppler ultrasounds and a angiogram I was faced with the solution of either vascular surgery or a penile implant. Having had testicular cancer earlier this year I did not want to keep taking meds with no real long term follow up. I decided on the implant surgery which I had this past tuesday. I am currently in a hotel in NY recovering. I have never seen my private area so swollen. Its crazy. If all goes well in 6 weeks I can begin to reclaim my life.

For those guys who suffer from ED its a scary thought but what I found out through all my mediccal searching is that I had a pre existing condition that was brought out faster by using propecia. I had testicular cancer which can be brought out by hormonal changes so by taking propecia i might have caused that. It was a tough decision but I could not take the years of my body not working anymore. It was 2 and a half years off propecia and I saw not changes in performance. i saw changes iin T levels and desire but not in performance. So if you suffer from ED go get checked for all systems by the best doctors. It might be something small with an easy fix or it might need a major fix as mine did. Once you know you can solve the problem though and once its solved you can move on with your life. I am relatively young 34 years old and I have been talking with people my age who have implants. One guy had normal erections and then they started to weaken and he couldnt get good ones for years. He never took propecia but what he found was that he has only 2 arteries instead of 4 going into his penis. It pays to get test done and find out the cause. in my opionion DR McCullough from NYU was the most knowledgable guy I ever have met. He was so helpful and ran the most efficient doppler study with the best results. mapped out all my arteries and veins with the thing. had no need for an angiogram after that but I chose to do so for backup.

Will let you know how i progress. keep me in your thoughts.

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How did you get your doctors to check this artery, since it runs through your hip/thigh region?

Good to hear from you Ant and also that it sounds like the operation went well for you. Hang in there mate.

Ant, thats serious. Its like I have so many questions…
Is it one of those things that just blows up, you have to plug it in, or pump it or something?
Also, can you still cum, and have children if you ever want to?
Also, just out of curiosity, how many meds are you on? Do you take an anti-depressant of any kind? This must be an anxious experience.
Thanks and look forward to hearing about your progress.
Will you have sensation down there and everything?

Take care of yourself,


Nice to hear a positive story.

Just a couple of boring things I wanted to mention, no big deal really but still;

The garlic did not increase your testosterone on proviron by that amount.

The difference will be based upon the time of day that the proviron was taken in relation to the bood test and how well digested it was.

Proviron has a very short half life, androgen levels are usually at there highest within/around four hours and then just as quickly fall away.

This can make blood tests on proviron quite variable.

I know this is boring sorry.

One thing that may help you benefit from the medication is taking the tablets with s small amount of fat (a buttered piece of toast say), this allows them to be metabolised better and passed through the lymphatic system.

Taking proviron with food and particularly food with a little fat soem as butter can allow for a better testosterone level…boring bit over.

Like I say nice positive story.


Congratulations on your recovery, I remember from you since i joined the yahoo group. I have just one question for you:

Did propecia caused you some penis/genital physical change such as penis shrinkage, testicle shrinkage, penis curving, etc?

It is important to me to know this since my penis curved a little to the left and it has not resoved yet although its improved.

Thanks for your response and congrats again.



Great to hear about the progress. BUT. A penile implant just sounds too radical to me. It just seems kind of odd, to realize something like that at your age.

Didn’t you have also some other problems, any brainfog, anxiety, low amount of seminal fluids etc…at least you have low T. I would rather have the other symptoms first solved before putting an implant, because bad veins in penis do not cause brainfog, low testosterone and other stuff. I strongly believe that our symptoms are connected with each other.

I hope that you were not too hasty with your decision. Be well and keep us informed.

yea an implant was a radical idea. But i had no other choice. Its been 5 weeks since the surgery and I am still swollen. I had a hematoma form and that caused some complications but so far all is looking good and I get to try out my new body on april 27th so I will let you know how it goes. As far as feeling…the stimulations in the penis feel the same as they normally do. I had a orgasm the other day and it felt great and quite normal. Before my implant and since taking propecia I have been suffering from decreased sperm count and decreased ejaculate and low T. The garlic increased T I am very sure though I think it was also the reason I formed a hematoma as it increases blood flow also. :frowning: anyway I think P did a lot of damage to my body which was already suffering because of an arterial problem. I am not saying that P had no effect on me and I am not saying it did. All I know is that I got testicular cancer and have alow sperm cound and low ejaculate and no one in my family has ever had any problems like that. Years without a normal sex life prompted me to go the radiacal route. Years of thinking and taking god knows how many pills and herbal remedies led me to make this decision. It wasnt an easy one I assure you though with luck life should be better in that department. I have never taken any antidepressents and through the whole thing I was quite optimistic I would be cured of fixed. Even when I got diagnosed with cancer I was quite optimistic about a recovery. Granted I dont know how much mroe of this I can take so I hope complicationsa and problems are over so I can just go on with my life.
the device works by sqeezing a bulb in your scrotum for me its in the testicle area that was removed. Looks quite normal actually. and when you do this fluid is pumped from a resevoir in your stomach which you cant see or feel to cylinders that line the penis. This makes you hard then you push a button and it makes you soft after. All quite mechanic and hydrolic but it feels and looks natural so far. IF it wasnt for the swelling in the area still you would have no idea that anything was done…well for the scar of course but besides that. If anyone is thinking of getting this done or wants to find out more about his bodies see the doctors I said. They are quite good and have helped me get on top of this situation instead of it dragging me down. brainfog and other symptoms from P went away soon after I stopped but the ED didnt. Once cancer struck maybe brought on by P not sure I had to take matters into my own hands stop taking herbal stuff that could be loaded with pesticides and junk and find a clean remedy for what ailed me. Overall I am happy that I had it done. once done though there is no way back but with anything we just have to keep moving forward. Taking control of the situation and fixing it no matter how harse it seems brings me relief from the stress of hoping it fixes itself. You have to draw a time limit. 3 years 4 years not happy with the results waiting has brought get it done cause life can be happier if you dont have the mental crap of waiting on your mind all the time.


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they checked the artery by doing an angiogram which is a extensive test where they put catheters and probes through all your arteries and look at the entire area and most of the body on a xray machine at the same time. Scary cause the body is exposed to x rays for a considerable amount of time. Probably about 40 minutes or so.

I took the testosterone test at around the same time both times. I mean there are seasonal fluctuations but daily is more important. At the time I took the test I hadnt taken a proviron for almost a month and all I was taking was 5 kyolic garlic pills a day with a protein shake as the high protein diet helps to raise T levels also. After this is all over ( my recovery ) I am going to get back on the garlic and will get my T tested again and I will surely post. I think anyone who wants to try and raise T can try the high protein garlic route. For me I saw a significant increase and that T test was the highest my body has been since coming off P mroe than 2 and a half years ago. And I probably had my T levels checked about 15 times in that span.

I did get a penile curvature but I think it was cause by a lack of Testosterone. When I quit P my testosterone levels went from around 600 to about 300 so they cut in half. it was around this time that I noticed a lack of penile response and a curvature. I did notice a slight decrease in size also. I remember being around 7 inches and I went to about 6. With the implant now I should be around 5 inches as you lose abit with a implant. But before I had 6 inches that would be occasionally erect and now I have 5 inches that can stay erect for as long as I want. So I dont know I am the most concerned with loss of size regarding the implant. My girlfriend is not to concerned though as I should have the same girth and that is what is most important they say.

How did you know your T was 600 before P?
Then you said it went to 300.
And then what is the highest you were able to get T to taking garlic after you stopped P ?
btw, what did you do, just eat lots of garlic? and protein.
Can you tell us how you bossted T, and how much, and how effective it was? Thanx ant!

Just one question,

Was the penile curvature a definitive sign of bad blood flow to the penis that could not get better unless you went under surgery? In other words, guys who developed curving or shrinking in the penis can get better only by surgery? I know that you may not know the answer but you may ask your doctor…

Stragestuff because my penis used to b not only curved, but twisted and this condition has imrpoved over time…

Thanks for your reply.

Guillermo, check out Dr Irwin Goldstein’s new site. It has a lot of good comprehensive and detailed information. Look around. He might be a good person for you to go see. Close to Mexico!!!

testicular cancer? man i’m really really scared now.

Firstly, and most importantly I would like to say that PFS is nothing but a rebranded name for something far less serious. I wish this forum didn’t exist in all honesty, I think its done more harm than good to anyone and I’m hopefully here to change that. I can say that I have fully recovered from the symptoms and it was a horrible experience that I wouldn’t wish on my own worst enemy. For those on the road to recovery, you’ll know it’s very much an up and down with big potholes along the way. Some times you will have weeks of near normality then suddenly out of nowhere… BOOOM! Its back with a vengeance… but you have to stay strong. I’m gonna say something extremely controversial here… I am almost glad I went through it. I now appreciate things a lot more, eat healthier and cleaner, more conscious of health and mental wellbeing and have an all round better perspective on things. I just wanted to read something positive when I started experiencing ‘PFS’ but this forum is full of negativity and it only made me worse. So do yourself a favour and copy and paste what I’m about to say below and never comeback to this forum again!

It’s sadly not simple, what you are actually experiencing is a hormonal imbalance or ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ (however this term isn’t widely accepted in the medical world) hence why doctors don’t have a clue what to do. It doesn’t matter what drug has caused this whether it be Finasteride, Saw Palmetto, Dutasteride etc… the symptoms are all more or less the same and I can quite confidentially say the recommendations I give will benefit you.

I actually took what would be considered to be the stronger of the lot ‘Dutasteride’ for 4 years and after accidentally failing to reorder the drug (from an online pharmacy… how fucking stupid was i??) i experienced what can only be described as sheer doom, a lifeless dick, near fainting brainfog, paranoia, insomnia you name it I had it…

After extensive research I came across others who had managed to break the cycle and recover fully back to normal. I noticed that all these people who had recovered had done so by following the same or similar steps (intentionally or not). They had all followed the recovery procedure for adrenal fatigue and lowering cortisol levels with my favourite ever supplement Ashwagandha being mentioned nearly every time. Recovery times will vary massively depending on various factors such as age, health etc. These are the following things that will help you on the road to recovery:

Ashwagandha (preferably in liquid form)
Zinc 30-45mgs (can’t stress this one enough, Zinc is my second favourite)
Sorghum Flour (put this in whatever food you can) this will help with DHT production by supporting the 5a-Reductase
Hemp Protein (Load up in the morning in particular) this offers the best protein you can get along with the perfect balance of omega oils.
Spirulina – Packed full of everything you need (this takes like fish food so do a shot with apple juice to neutralise the taste a bit if you cant hack it)
The best Probiotic Supplement you can get your hands on (healthy Gut = healthy everything)
Tulsi Tea – For daytime drink (carry teabags with you if you have to)
Chamomile Tea – Night time drink (to aid sleep and normalise cortisol levels)
Wild Salmon (omega oils for balancing hormones and Cortisol) AVOID Farmed salmon
Aloe Vera (help aid a healthy gut)
Organic Meats (expensive but worth it, far too many reasons to list)
Sea Salt/Electrolytes – Fundamental to restoring body function. With sea salt just swap it for regular table salt
Baths – A bath does wonders for relaxing, throw in some Himalayan salt for extra relaxation.
Lots and Lots of vegetables! (Ideally Organic)

Things to Avoid when possible
Food with high GI
Drinking sugary drinks
Anything stimulant (including some herbs and natural supplements)
don’t become a recluse or ‘health nerd’ like I did, be a normal person and let recovery take its time… lifes too short to be too strict.

Other things that helped
Interval exercising (only short 30 minute intense sessions)
Laughing (there is an actual science behind this and it works miracles, so anything that makes you laugh… do it!) for me I downloaded all my favourite comedians standup shows and listened to them on the way to work even if I wasn’t in the mood.
Listening to Solfeggio tones (I ‘think’ this helped me… its partially backed by science anyways and helped me slip into a meditative state)
When you wake up in the morning appreciate everything positive in your life
Meditation (practice deep breathing)
Anything that helps you relax (stress is responsible for 70% of diseases… FACT)
When your dick starts working again don’t turn go firing your pistol at every given opportunity, producing sperm uses a shit load of nutrients up that are needed to help balance yourself out. (refer to for benefits and help)

I’m only coming on this forum to post this one post. I suspect a lot of people recover and don’t bother to report it on here, I promised myself I wouldn’t do that, I know what you are going through and you need this advice, trust me. If this saves even one person from a ball of depression, then I’m happy. I will not be returning to the forum after this post, I just wanted to say my piece. Just follow this advice and don’t read the negative shit on here. Some people on here are stuck on endless cycle because they haven’t figured out what to do or how too do it. I believe one guy has even committed suicide because of this forum which is insane!!! seriously not that serious of a problem it just seems it because you most likely have an excess amount of the stress hormone Cortisol pumping around your system which goes hand in hand with this forum.

Do this for a few months, you’ll experience ups and downs some lasting days some lasting weeks but stay strong it will work. It took me 3 months to see any kind of results (erections returning, brain fog faded, mood improved, occasional good nights sleep etc) and 9 months to confidentially say I’m back to being normal. It may take longer it may take less, its completely dependant on the individual. Peace out!


Is this another proviron unnoticed cure?

I don’t see anything here that says proviron cured him maybe I skimmed over it though…,

yeah the first 2 lines

he also had major surgery in where a small inflatable peen was surgically attached into his dick though