The Daily Roller-coaster of Depression

I’m just wondering who else lives like this on a daily basis.

Everyday I wake up not knowing what my emotional state will be for that day. I can wake up with strong thoughts of suicide, feel physically sick with depression or gripped by anxiety. This lasts several hours then improves before lunch. When it improves I still feel flat and unable to laugh or enjoy things.

After lunch the depression comes back and I can’t enjoy anything and become wrestless. Then later on the suicidal thoughts start ramping up again usually for an hour.
I try going out to ease the pain but feel completely disconnected from my environment. It’s like I’m invisible just watching other people walk by laughing, talking expressing themselves.

The evening is the only time I find some emotional stability which remains mostly flat.

My emotional state can literally change hour by hour from extreme sadness to nothing. If I laugh once in a day it’s a notable moment. It seems like all my usual happiness has been replaced by sadness and my sadness replaced by flat sterile moods.

There is no emotional stability and it fluctuates wildly morning and afternoon. Trying to motivate yourself in this state is extremely difficult and that’s without the physical symptoms to contend with.

I’ve also experienced what feels like manic states we’re I become lost within myself and go down a rabbit hole with tunnel vision fueled by emotion. The last time it happened I stopped posting on here for a good month. I think it maybe getting to the time were I once again withdraw or post less on here. Self control online is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain.

It’s a truly awful way to exist. It stops me from doing hobbies or getting more involved with things. I wonder what this roller-coaster is doing to my brain. Nothing good I assume.

Does this ever improve and if so how long does it take.


I’m there too. My only relief has been exercise and, as others mentioned, fasting. I’m eating only a protein based breakfast, water throughout the day, then a dinner. It’s helped me stabilize a bit, but I haven’t been able to hold to this every day.

Your post could be the Story of My Life as I exist now. I would leave out the manic stage though. Thanks for expressing how I feel. Jim

Hang in there

my therapist said that neurosteroids in humans change within 24 hours.

If they’re damaged, and they’re damaged in you.

Then it’s no wonder you have those symptoms.

It’s the same for me.

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I get like this while socially isolated. Even just on weekends. But I bounce back to being ok when I am around coworkers on weekdays, even if I don’t particularly like many of them. Friendship of course is best, but I think the human brain also needs social interaction in generally. Seeing people and reading their facial expressions etc. I think it is a human need to exercise real-world human interaction.

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Oh well you figured out your answer get socialising on a weekend even if it means talking to strangers. I went to the hospital today and went out my way to be socially engaging to hospital patients and staff in and around the place. If I get a handshake or a thanks for saying something nice, I know I’ve made a little difference to someone that reassures me I’m still here.