Testostrone at 280, should i start TRT?

Should i jump on TRT? what are your thoughts? looks like there are mixed thoughts on TRT and Testosterone shots, I have lower back pain too, I think back pain is a pfs symptom too, it restricts my mobility, I think maybe TRT will resolve the backpain too(saw a surgeon he told me my disc is not in a bad condition)

I can tell you that I was on TRT when I got PFS. Yes, TRT was all the rage, and my natural test levels are around yours. While I did enjoy the added confidence and resilience and some muscle that I never had before, it really did stop working when I got PFS. I dont think its really worth starting unless youve tried everything else first, like Tribulus and even Clomid on its own. If you want to come off you will have to take more drugs to reset if your natural production doesnt restart.

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