Testosterone Propionate - highest inducer of 5AR activity


So you guys on HRT, I highly recommend you add Testosterone Propionate to your protocol, DHT will not help you, you need the actions of the 3 5 AR enzymes. Testosterone Propionate is a “hit and run” steroid, it will hit you hard and then disappear. That is PERFECT for PFS, horrible for non PFS, but perfect for PFS, it induces a huge amount of 5AR enzymes, that huge amount is enough to reduce the rest of your test to DHT and once a week will keep PFS in check.
Body Builders use this form of testosterone to restore their libido when on huge cycles of steroids. While my HGH protocol has me in remission, I had to share my insights into this form of test, I had tried it and it worked. I injected only 30MG and had a huge surge of 5AR activity, I had discovered this during the time I accidentally discovered that my HGH protocol reversed PFS.
So for those of you who are on HRT, get a hold of a bottle of this stuff, you can buy it online, it should help all PFS sufferers. If my HGH protocol is not instant and takes 6 months to work, testosterone propionate could provide immediate relief. We already know DHEA does, it is the same concept, I moved to testosterone propionate from DHEA as it is the same principal, only much stronger and more effective.


Oh and the idea is to still use testosterone that you are using, but once a week inject about 10 to 30mg of testosterone propionate to create a huge 5 AR surge which will then give you enough enzymes to reduce the other form of testosterone in your body. It would be nice if I could get someone else to try this protocol while others try the HGH protocol as both worked, but the HGH protocol is the one more likely to cure this thing over time.


I am astounded with this form of test, otherwise not preferred for guys do to the high 5ar enzyme production and this high sides, and short half life. For PFS though, it seems ideal as it allows the body to reduce the rest of your testosterone to dht. I highly recommend this, it seems to be the most immediate and powerful protocol that works right away. I have used a small dose once a week with my hgh protocol as an enhancement


Can you recommend any where online that sells Testosterone Propionate ?

Just google through steroid forums, I have a site where you can order it, I'll get it from my computer and post it later. This is the only form of testosterone that has consistently worked because it hits hard and then wears off fast. The problem with PFS is you run out of 5ar enzymes then are stuck with a lot of test making you not feel the way you are supposed to. This stuff has been my last line of defense when I am not feeling the best, a shot of it always gives me a big boost. 
 Let me know if you can't find a site that sells it and I will post one, and as I said, body builders use this while on cycle to keep up their libido. That was what peaked my interest as well as its short half life.


Out of all the things I am on or tried, if I had to pick one thing and only one thing that I could use, I think it would be testosterone propionate. Just because it is so fast acting and really gives you a boost. Before I had PFS I would never be able to inject this, I would break out really bad.



Here is a good site to buy stuff, it is legit, testosterone propionate is the one thing I would keep if I had to choose, that with my HGH protocol works great.


Update: I have had amazing success with testosterone propionate, more than I expexted. It is not only I that has come to this conclusion, but Eden as well, another user, another time. I have found that 30mg intramuscular a day has induced enough 5ar enzymes to reduce itself before it wears off in 2 days. That is the beauty of this form of test for PFS sufferers, this testosterone would work even if your levels are good. It is a big inducer of 5ar enzymes and thus dht. I have thus far managed to maintain my condition at 80-90% remission. It has only been a week on this protocol, so we will see if I crash. The good news is that every time I crash I find new things out about this beast. I do not believe I will crash though, due to the nature of how this testosterone works and the nature of PFS. It is my theory that this constant stimulation of my 5ar system will eventually induce rexovery, that is a hope. Along with my hgh therapy, as well as an anti estrogen. However, it should be noted that thus far it seems this protocol is generating enough dht to regulate my estrogen (so far). I highly recommend this protocol.