Testosterone gel (TRT) exceeding dosage results

Recently I read a brief mention of a past member who purposely overdosed himself with his testosterone gel. I cannot find it again, and would ask if anybody recalls that incidence?

Were the results a helpful or a harmful action? Did that member provide any follow-up information?

I find myself with some extra AndroGel squirreled away, and I am considering trying that myself. I’ve reached the point where I have nothing to lose. Obviously, I’d like to know all I can about the previous experiment.

Any advice, or links to that previous post will be greatly appreciated. Jim

This wasn’t the same conversation I referred to, it was a simple one line mention of a guy who used large amounts of gel trying to cure himself.

That said, the discussion you linked to was very detailed and informational. A lot there to read and try to understand! Thank you for finding this for us.

I noticed @awor at one point volunteered that he used 5x the dosage for a month, and felt no benefits.

I appreciate your help. Jim

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A que se refiere exactamente? Que fue lo que el awor tomó para recuperase?

I’m not sure if @awor did recover? Maybe you are addressing @Taw here… he knows more than I about this. Good luck, Jim

@Taw. I just meant you seem more knowledgeable about the chemical stuff than I do. That makes my eyes glaze over! :slight_smile: Jim

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You’ll mostly run into high estrogen symptoms if you use a high dose like that

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From a medical journal in another discussion here:

Symptoms of excess estrogen in aging men include the development of breasts, having too much abdominal weight, feeling tired, suffering loss of muscle mass, and having emotional disturbances. Many of these symptoms correspond to testosterone deficiency as well.

I’ve already developed all this as my PFS worsened. Now, I’ve just started searching the archives here, and I was hoping for a simple answer. Alas, nothing is simple with PFS. Jim

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Researching high estrogen resulted in this article, posting here in hopes of helping others:

It’s a vicious circle, too much test can cause high estrogen and estradiol which causes tiredness and weight gain which keeps estrogen high…etc. etc.

If I decide to try a trial of high TRT I’ll have to force this old body into an exercise program as well. Still open to advice and options! Jim

Never mind!

I’ve only started to look into this, but high estrogen seems to be a major problem. Why would we take more? I need explanations in elementary school wording!! :grinning: Jim

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Hormonal treatments and further disruptions will most likely not help you in any way and have the potential to make things worse. There’s no harm in doing a test of course but this is a dead horse that has been beaten into a crème pâté at this point.

@JimWildman, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing then please don’t risk any further harm. If you do seek treatment of this sort, please do so under the supervision of an actual endocrinologist that you know sympathizes with PFS patients, because hormonal treatments are not without risk or caveats (whether it’s T or E or whatever). I sympathize with the gravity of your situation and that you want to try things to alleviate your symptoms, but please choose wisely from whom you take advice or who you allow to educate you on the subject. Hint: not Taw.


No. That’s not how any of this works. Moreover, this thread isn’t the right place for you to educate yourself on this stuff.
If you’re going to figure out the mysteries of life out loud please do it inside a medical college where that conversation belongs, not here in the face of people desperate for help, because you are not giving me the impression you have an accurate image of the gravity of @JimWildman’s situation, if you feel this thread was appropriate for your musings and questions on the topic.

I sympathize with wanting to understand these things but if you don’t know what you’re talking about when someone else’s health is at stake, either say nothing at all or learn to read the air for a bit and have some sense of restraint.

I don’t want to sabotage the opportunity for conversation and education on the forum but I think some of you would do well to realize that your thoughts and statements might affect others more deeply than you are initially aware of and that your honest and sincere questions about life, because you so badly wanted to be part of the conversation, might be fuel for someone else’s risky self-experimentation.

Also, referring to anecdotal reports or conversations some other people had countless of years ago is not a good way to make an argument. Especially if they are no longer around to give any context to their experiences, like Awor or Mew.


*Deep breath! Ugh!

Crème pâté tastes very pleasant, by the way, if you ask me.

Did you see the question marks? Notice there are no exclamation marks? How is me asking a question different than Jim or anyone else asking a question? My profession is in the medical field, so I know the difference between providing information, advice, and inquiries.

Don’t we all “want to be part of the conversation”? Thanks to those who helped create the forum, and whatever higher power one might believe in, that is possible.

What do you mean “make an argument”? I do not wish to argue. Neither do you, judging by your posts. I thought I was having a peaceful conversation with my bigger brother. I do not have any advice or education to give, just my experiences. We all have questions though. If you prefer I keep them to myself, I will.

No one in the USA can order “risky” meds like ordering a pizza. You need a medical prescription for hormonal treatments or etc. I do not know about other parts of the world though.

Deep down, does anyone truly believe a “treatment that works for everyone” is possible? After all, does chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation work for everyone every time? Do anti-epileptics work for everyone every time? Do antibiotics work for everyone every time? Heck, does fin and iso work for everyone every time? No, no, and no to the aforementioned! Some improve; some stay the same; some get worse. I can see it now: Today, antibiotic resistance; tomorrow, “CRISPR resistance”. I’ll sit back and watch you all take the miracle treatment when it becomes available and observe what happens before I partake. After all, you never want to make a situation worse. We all concur with that.

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Men can have both low and high estrogen. Both make you feel bad but I assure you that low is much worse. Get tests before you start playing with hormones. If you play with estrogen or testosterone even for a few days it can change you for months. You may initially feel better but could pass the state you want your hormones in

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Partake for what? I thought you said your symptoms are mostly resolved.

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You said the key word: “Symptoms”. When I deviate from the regimen I am on, symptoms get worse, thus I’m not cured. It’s like a band aide fix; masking the symptoms, so to speak. Who wants to be on a strict regimen the rest of their life? Even on, I have dips here and there. Popping a magic pill one time is akin to taking the path of least resistance. I wish I could factory reset myself that way. Sadly, I doubt this will be available that way. As @Ozeph said here: “What’s worst ? A sad and somewhat miserable life, or a happy energetic one while leaning on a crutch?”

You use Adderall and Zolpidem/Lorazepam for symptom masking, right? Exactly, it is a temporary fix.

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My main symptom is compounding physical decay, there is no temporary fix. The adderall and sleep meds distract me from despair. Somewhat.


@Wintermoon @Taw et al,

I started this discussion after reading mention of a past member who used overdose amounts of TRT as an experiment. That conversation did not reveal the result, so I asked for advice.

Meanwhile I read in the archives that Awor once took 5x the recommended dose for a month, and felt worse because of it. I’ll assume he was the subject written of, and abandon the idea of replicating his trial.

Thanks for advice given. I now believe PFS has blown my estrogen sky high, and will find an endocrinologist to test my blood markers. Your comments were taken seriously and helped me form the basis of future research into my condition. When I have results I will add them to my member story.

This is why I return daily, amongst all the irrelevant chaff there are valuable grains of wheat. Jim

Perhaps my comment was a bit harsher than necessary. I don’t know. I think in retrospect my main point is that there is a very fine line between ‘asking honest questions in public’ and ‘user theorizing’, because in my opinion when people start to answer (open ended or not) their own questions based on anecdotes or hypothetical scenarios it stops being an honest question and veers more on the side of theorizing. Which we do not want to stimulate as per our community guidelines.

It is not necessarily my adamant opinion that hormonal treatments are dangerous and bad per se, but rather I’m speaking from experience as a moderator and 2+ years of reading and seeing experiences from patients, I am not convinced such treatments will help in terms of PFS. The vast majority of people who try these things do not experience any positive changes, but those users are less vocal about those negative experiences than the patients who claim to have had positive experiences, so people on the forum are less likely to read about those ‘uninteresting events’.

If a blood test would indicate a very notable spike in a certain hormone and you are experiencing symptoms that fall in line with that particular measurement, then it might be worth exploring a trajectory that might balance the levels more and see if that helps those particular symptoms. But in our experience as staff, this has very rarely been the case in PFS patients, and most people will show relatively normal hormone levels or at least within reasonable ‘distance’ from the reference values.



Something that baffles me is the original topic title explicitly states “exceeding dosage” yet somehow I get confronted for something I did not author. Implying an overdose is a hazardous, “risky” “experimentation” , none of us would ever fathom. What “might be fuel” again? I did not suggest anything of the sort. Not that I can judge anyone though. I imagine we all have done something risky in our lives, even before the substance.

Not only that, the original post specifically asks for an old anecdote, yet I get confronted for citing a link to an old anecdote. The conversation Mew had with a “medical doctor” actually matched his description. Yelling at me for that is similar to a teacher asking a student to write an essay with their sources cited and yelling at the student for “referencing” an “old” book because the author passed away and could not “provide context”. What?

Did you ever hear the metaphoric adjective of “which came first: the chicken or the egg”? My questions did not just poof in my head. For the record, my questions were inspired by a topic that vanished before I could respond. I managed to PM the author who told me of his amazing results. I was citing his anecdote as the inspiration of my questions, not as an aggressive conjecture.

Here’s a theory: It would have been better we never took the substance that brought us here in the first place, because “prevention is better than cure”.

Yesterday, someone took the substance that brought you here. Today, someone took the substance that brought you here. Today, someone else will take the substance that brought you here. Tomorrow, someone will take the substance that brought you here. So yes, you are right that “someone else’s health is at stake” with these drugs/supplements still on the market. At the end of the day, none of us are thrilled with the cards dealt and sometimes some people lash out at innocent people. Blaming me for the mess these drugs/substances got us into is similar to blaming 1st responders for responding to an emergency call. Lets not blame vultures for roadkill.

I wish the day would come we could all meetup and celebrate. I just don’t see it with the fact epilepsy, cancer, and other disease treatments do not work for everyone every time. I think people lash out at me because they don’t want to hear these things that we all deep down realize. Nobody likes to be wrong, but that is something I truly wish I was wrong about. I hope they prove me wrong with a magical factory reset for us all. I guess we’ll never know until research and science gives answers. Whether good or bad, or both, we all want answers. Still, my doubts and concerns remain with them both seemingly resistant towards treatment, at the moment.

Now I don’t intend to be harsh either.

Ugh, I’m drained typing this. I am in a better place today, because at my worst, I would not be able to formulate much of a response to this or much else. Time to go get ready for a musical play and lesson.

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I can’t speak specifically about TRT, but when I was on clomid I had supraphysiological T levels for several months. At one point total T was more than twice the maximum of the range. I didn’t feel any different, not even high estrogen symptoms, nothing.

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