Testogel Trial T up DHT down

So I tried testogel. Just finishing my 3rd month. To my surprise my TT went up about 50%. My Free T is upper range. I don’t have an old FT value but I did do bioavailable T and if I remember right it was clownish middle range.

My DHT was barely in range in a year ago and now it’s slightly lower. I know the jury is out on the importance of serum DHT, but, this seems abnormal that it didn’t go up at all.

I may try a testosterone scrotal cream next.

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Let’s just forget about numbers and test results, and focus on how you are feeling…I wouldnt care less for a number on some paper, if i was feeling better…
Did any of your symptoms get better?

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It’s sort of been a mixed bag. For a few months I had erections st night, morning, walking around I could literally look at a hot chick and let my mind go… and I would feel a bit hard. I could never get an erection like in the old days with just tensing up… that’s gone.

At 2-3 weeks I have to say I was better mentally than in years and years. I just felt in a good mood. Literally every one I worked with was coming up to me talking, joking… normally, I have a few pals but otherwise don’t feel like being social or funny with many.

The last month, the erections at night and morning kind of went away. My mood, mentally, if it was a 5 when I started 3 months ago, I’d say it was an 8 at 2-3 weeks, and now a 6.5.

I think I have to keep trying. It’s 100% not a cure, but, if I can raise my overall feeling I’ll try.

My orgasm sensation had maybe the slightest improvement. If that. My testicles didn’t get smaller yet and I actually may have increased ejaculation volume a bit.

I have an appt tomorrow with a private clinic and I may ask for transdermal testosterone cream for the scrotum. I think that’s my best chance to raise dht compared to injections. It’ll be a very low dose. I’m going to try and be as careful as possible. I know guy’s have crashed on dht cream alone, I’m hoping a test cream won’t do that to me.

Oh and weirdly, my TSH went from around 2.6 to 1.5 with no change to my synthroid dose of 50mcg.

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So I’m getting a prescription for 60mg of a testosterone cream that I was going to put on my scrotum. I’ve thought it over and decided to go with arms. I want to see what happens with dht levels first. Scrotal application can put guy’s way over the range and I’m worried I might crash.

I thought my dose would be low enough to prevent that, but, I want to be sure. So it’s another 8 - 12 week trial.