I started to take testogel approximately 2 weeks ago. 40.5 mg per day every morning for 3 months. This was perscripted from my pfs doc due to low DHT:

First week my anxiety-levels were way higher than usual but this slowed down the second week. My libido improved a little bit but still not significantly. The hair on my chest is growing more. Sleep remained the same.

What is the anxiety about I had the first week? I still have this feeling but it’s not that bad to stop the treatment.

At what timeline can I expect the DHT to go up?

Surprisingly I stopped loosing hair on my head completely. Before starting with testogel I had to deal with a lot of hairloss. Increasing DHT by testogel should have the opposite effect.

Awesome, thanks for reporting, please keep updating this thread. I’m very interested.

About the decline in hairloss, I think you could only say that for certain once your some months in, unless you have some objective way of measuring the rate of hair loss.

It’s pretty normal I believe to feel anxious and stressed when your body adapts to an increase in test. Had this the first few days after quitting fin, and starting creatine as well, it’s not the same, so I’m not sure.

Is there a reason you took testogel over other forms of exogenous test?

How is your mental state besides the anxiety?

Do you have any pre treatment or post treatment bloodwork perhaps?

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This was prescripted from a well known doc who treats a lot of pfs patients. So I hope he knows what to do.

My mental state is not the best because I am really concerned about ED. Without this issue my mental state would go up to 90%. I can’t sleep well and I have brainfog. But it is not that bad. I can adapt with that.

The bloodwork I posted is pre treatment. Next bloodtest would be in January/February 22.