Testing with researchers/hospitals body changes


I am starting to think that since my body changes are so obvious everytime I have an orgasm (massive increase in fat, muscle loss), maybe there is a way to prove it in a hospital or lab?

Does anyone have any idea on where I could go to prove/test this?

I can certainly prove that everytime I have an orgasm I get fat, though I don’t know where I could test this to have some evidence. If I orgasm several times in few days the increase is huge and I get small stretch marks. There has to be a way to test this.


What do you get out of proving professionals that you have PFS if said such professionals can’t even help with things way less complicated?


I am sure you will understand my explanation as you’ve lived the same experience as I did: once your parents put you in a psychiatric hospital, they can do it again whenever they want.

One of the last sentences that the psychiatrist said to my parents was “whenever you need it, here we are for you, come back whenever you want”.

It was one of the most depressing things I have ever heard, it made me understand that since that moment I was no longer a human being but someone whose freedom can be taken away whenever they want. And if this happens, they will allow themselves to experiment with me with as many psychiatric drugs as they want.

So, it is extremely important for me to have as much evidence as possible. And not only for my family, but for the whole medical community.

My situation is not good, and if things continue this way my only option will be to ask for permanent disability, while there is no cure for PFS, and the only way to prove that is to have as much evidence as possible that something is not going well in my body.


Hi @Kan, you have mentioned muscle wasting in these periods. I think it may be of interest to obtain a creatine kinase test in a period you believe you are undergoing muscle wasting. Creatine kinase is an enzyme and in serum it can be a marker of abnormal muscle breakdown. If you have dark urine associated with these periods it may be especially worth obtaining one.


I already asked some weeks ago to my doctor about a Creatine kinase test and he told me that it would not be useful because during a very simple exercise the levels are already changed.

My doctor said that even if I came with high or low levels of CK it could be for many different reasons, and that he could not consider a change in CK relevant.

That’s why just after talking to him I started to think if there would be an option to stay in a hospital in which they could check this with control of what I am doing.

It is also true that he is just a GP, so I’ll probably do the test and then go to an endocrinologist, and will see what he/she says.

Yes, my urine gets very dark.


Right, then I think this would be interesting to check during this period, securing a baseline value beforehand if possible.