Testicular atrophy is getting unbearable

Hi guys, my testicles have continued to shrink since May when I first lost penile sensation.

They’re significantly smaller now, and I feel like I’m 12 again… it’s really fucking bad and I don’t know what to do.

Sex drive has been nearly non-existant, and sensation is getting weaker regularly.

One of my friends is a urologist, and ai explained the situation. She said she prescribes Proscar for patients regularly and that it’s all in my head :confounded:

My GP just waved it off, and I can’t find anyone to take me seriously. I’m all sack and no ball… why would my scrotum have grown without reason? The testicles used to be at least twice their current size.

My right testicle is especially small now…

Is there ANYTHING I can do here? I’m getting desprate.

hCg? Any other things to try?

Anyways. I’m struggling here.

The same thing has happened to mine they occasionally return to normal when my dht is lowered accompanied by severe pain. My left was smaller. I’m left handed unsure if that’s just a coincidence. I also have a cyst which is where the pain eminates. . In terms of improvements I used to get those occasionally with
I increases inTest which was when my receptors weren’t as damaged.