Testicular athrophy is reversible

Some researchers have treated testicular athrophy with the help of garlic and zinc:


Has anyone here tried this ?

I doubt zinc and garlic are gonna fix my nuts.

iv been using garlic, berocca and vitalgreens.com/docs/vital_greens_ingredients.pdf had major improvements in testicles.


How much did your balls actually shrink? Did you have a urologist look at them? any measurements? And do you think their size increase is permanent? Stop using the stuff and see if the size stays… I can get noticable increases in size from Tongkat ali but the size increase isn’t permanent.

Hey Pecker,

They shrunk to about 16 ml now there about 25ml.Yes i had a uroglist measure and look at them. They vary. There hanging now which is feels good.

So what EXACTLY would you attribute this to? Details please.

well ive been doing alot of ph work. Seen a lot of improvements, so its working. As for scientific proof i dont know, i just feel better. My erectile size has even increased as far as shrilved flaccid penis i think that comes down to low free test. So far ive decreased my ALT by half, increased teticle and penis size, stopped muscle twitching and back pain. Hardest thing at the moment is mental problems, moods swings, no motivation , depressed et.

I’m talking about testicle size. What did you take?

all ive been taking is vital greens, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, tartric acid, fish oil, b vitamins.

Well you should be greatful your balls have grown back. A rare achievement around here.

there not full size, but improving.

How long have you been taking that stuff for and what supplement do you think helped you the most ?

Anyone else even temporarely recovered their testicle size fully back to normal? Is it possible? I think mines got smaller through years. Anyone experienced slowly loosing the size and realizing later?

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Same with me…I think I have lost testicular volume over the years. During my last visit to my doctor the measurements were below normal…Freaking about this myself too…

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