Testicles and Finasteride Mess

Anyone ever had any success in reviving their testicles with nolvadex/clomid and or HcG?/

I have read only negative reports on using them post finasteride and this is really frustrating.

After going the prostate route and recovering with some aspects of sexuality, i cannot still get my testicles back to shape, and this is a killer problem. Are they dead for life?? i hope not.

if you remember I once posted sketch about my Ts.
whenever I use Vitamin D3 they become close to normal and round and they after 6-8 hours back to smaller shape.
I strongly think they are not dead for life.Our body is not simply demanding them to work.Maybe DHT is not being metabolised fast enough thus more T converts to E, shutting down T production.

u got ur sexuality and penis size back, who cares about ball size ?
of course is better a normal size but play again with hormones could be dangerous if u got a good equilibrium

I have been able to increase testicle size and firmness via HCG, but not Nolva or Clomid. I did not feel any better in any state when they were larger though.

I have a buddy who used to have CPPS/pelvic floor dysfunction who had his testicles increase in size as well as testosterone levels improve after months of PT. As you may know I firmly believe that a large part of our “prostatitis” symptoms are related to CPPS/pelvic floor tension.

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what is PT?

Physical Therapy

you did not any thing because all T goes —>estrogen. did you ever measure estrogen while on HCG?

I wonder if they are dead for life because every once in a while my sack magically returns! I will say as my testicles go so does everything else - i.e. bigger painfree nuts equals libido and bigger penis and ability to have sex. Small painful pebble nuts is a no go

I have suffered with a very small left nut, the right one is not as bad. Since doing some very very basic stretching and trigger point therapy for the prostate - home experimenting more than anything before I see a PT - then there is a slight increase in size. Something is definitely happening down there connected with blood flow I feel which gives me hope that once I attack this properly they may return to an acceptable size. Seems to be all prostate related.

“pebble nuts” - funny description :laughing: i have them 75% of the time.

I’m also certain all our sexual issues is just one fucked up prostate and vessel problem. Keep us posted of your progress Chris

our main problem, regardless mechanism (auto immune, AR problem or whatever) faster conversion of T to E or bad metabolism of DHT. Our body tends to convert T to E. why? No no body knows. This is the billion dollar question. This is the reason you get Gyno from your internal or external T boost. Many have got gyno from Gels or using Tribulus or even HCG injections while trying to boost T production. Some have above normal total T floating in their blood but no benefit from it?
Our nuts are smaller for a reason. if they work, we will get boobs, so body has no choice other then to lower LH, FSH to bring down T production.
I have met onlin a real primay hypo person. His balls were very small and T in 300+ but LH and FSH were in 30+ (like FSH 34 and LH 25 ). He had no physical complications like tiredness or muscle wasing. His main concern was children. He had no baby. ON further inquiry He told me he had been like this since almost childhood.

Yeah this is the normal response.
Low T = high LH/FSH signals
this is primary hypogonadism

in us there is low everything
so it is more of a central process or due to unknown reasons
chronic fatigue patients exhibit same patern but with more effect on cortisol production

they have low ACTH and low cortisol
the funny thing is that in some exogenous small amounts of cortisol corrects their levels and also their ACTH RESPONSE normalizes. It is literally unexplainable contradictory to normal HPA feedback physiology.
But you have to consider that there is a role in the hypothalamus and before that as well, in the amygdala and other areas that may atrophy or malfunction during CFS.
CFS offcourse is another case of chronic (possibly infectious)-inflammatory condition so noone can determine exactly what is wrong and where. Enzymes play big roles there too, and some say that correcting enzyme speeds improves the outlook of the whole picture.
The most recent addition in the treatment is the use of macrolide antibiotics that speed up specific enzmyes catalyzing cellular immune reactions.
There is a anger from the CFS community against one famous doc who knew this for years but hid the information.

Do you have a light hollow feeling in your penis? mine feels super light and hollow guessing a blood flow issue pelvic related. Did PT for 6 months helped a little. do you have Hard flacid syndrome as well