Testicle/scrotum symptoms

Who has constant change in testicle size? When they retract and become smaller, it feels as if the semen in the epididimys get sucked back into my body and the epididimys shrinks. A few minutes later it can hang more like pre crash.

No one?

My testicular shrinkage pertains more to the testicles themselves. No matter how they hang, the size is reduced.

Mine was retracted, but Creatine supplement 5g/day for 2-3 weeks made them hang like normal.

Been on it since then and they stay low. No adverse effects for me so far and it’s been maybe 6 weeks since I started.

Same, but they constantly fluctuate, the balls themself. I don’t know how that is possible, or if it is the epididimys.

Hmmm, I have taken creatine a few times, will try to take it on a regular basis and see how I feel. Thanks for the input

What kind of creatine are you taking ?

I’m currently taking creatine HCL. It has always treated me well

I have my testicles checked regularly and here are the results

March 14: Left testicle: 11.4ml Right testicle: 9.4ml

June 2: Left testicle: 11.4ml Right testicle: 9.6ml

July 2nd: Left testicle: 14.2ml Right testicle: 12.4ml (took Clomid for a month, but I’m not sure if it was Clomid’s effect or the body’s natural recovery)

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Creatine monohydrate, it’s the cheapest and according to studies works just as well as other forms.

How do they measure testicles size? Would be fun to try to measure mine but I have no idea how they do it.

Yea man mine got small as hell since PFS, id compare my whole scrotum size to a tennis ball at its best

It gets severely retracted ,as well as penis shrinks before stools

Do u have that?

Yes, balls and penis will pull up tight during bowel movements

Donno if we had that pre-fin too or not?

I think I did have it but not as severe as now? Like my scrotum would retract but it feels worse now as I can feel the atrophy more.

Yea thats what i think too

What are your last hormone tests like?

This seems to indicate there not being an issue with the penis itself, but the pelvic floor. Just my 2c.

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I suspect the low LH levels tbh, its like low testosterone and DHT production by testicles result in weak weight (by lack of nitric oxide and proper blood flow as a result) and strenght to resist bowel movements

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It’s my understanding that all the same and only diff between creatine types is the absorbing ability . Creatine HCL only requires you to take a tiny about per dose compared to
monohydrate because it absorbs better . Same results with less bloating and less aggravation. Just one simple pill worth of powder with HCL per dose.

Basically all studies is done on monohydrate so that’s why I use it. Also the cheapest. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kinda thing.

I don’t have any stomach issues with it, but maybe if you do another form is better.

This article is pretty good on explaining the different kinds imo.