testicle pain - please help

I’ve been having severe testicle pain (mainly on the left side) since quitting the drug last week after being on the drug for about 3.5 - 4 years. I saw a doctor this morning and they did an ultrasound and well as tested my urine, everything seemed to be ok. I was hoping for some antibiotics however I was just told to try to fight it with ibuprofen. I googled my symptoms and thought I might have epididymitis or prostatitis, however I don’t have and pain when I urinate and there is no burning. I’m not sure what to do from here…I can’t work, concentrate, or easily interact with people until this goes away.

It also might be worthing mentioning that I’ve come off the drug for a week or two before and did not have this problem. I’m not 100% convinced the two incidents are linked.

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I have your problem too
I have aterophy in my testicl and testicle pain and low libido and jelly and yellow sperm
In the ultrasounds they did, everything was normal. Only the size of my testicles is at the minimum normal size, which I am sure was already bigger and now I have atrophy, although I have a masculine appearance, but due to hormone deficiency and testicular pain. My little ones are suffering
If you find a way, be sure to let me know

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