Testicle Pain ~6 Weeks After Stopping - WHAT is the Cause?

Seems to happen (coincide) more often after sex. Had pain ‘down there’ from week 2 or so ( more diffuse - prostate?) But actual TESTES pain seems new!!

Anyone actually understand/know what the cause is or what’s going on?

7 weeks out and I have fingers crossed - seem to be doing well other than this pain. (Few minor issues but could be due to worry)

Still wonder if going back on prop and weening off slowly (by slowly I mean over the course of 12 to 18 months) might help stop a ‘potential’ crash!! After all, everything was working just dandy 7 weeks ago when I was on the drug ( worked great for the entire 13 years I took it). Feell a real sense of urgency about this decision…

Anyone Experienced Testicle Pain AFTER stopping Finasteride!!??

Two things -
1.) I have now CONCLUDED that is definitely occuring after sex/ejaculation
2.) I majorly jumped the gun there about the weening process - meant WEEKS, not months!! No way in hell I would go back on this stuff for that long after what I have now learned. Probably won’t go on to ween back off at all - I am holding Fast and Steady (by the skin of my teeth) at 7 weeks and 1 day no propecia!!

read through this thread and post in there if you think you have a similar situation going on…


but we don’t have these answers right now. all we know is propecia caused it.

Good news is that at 8-9 weeks, I had sex 3 nights in a row - erections no problem!!

But testicles still ache and I have suddenly had dry skin and dry eyes hit in a few day period (hormonal changes?). Morning erections stopped 3 days ago, around same time as dry eyes and skin suddenly hit. But being able to get it up like that I take as a good sign of potential Recovery.

I am hoping that being off this long and still ability to get a good erection without stimulation means I am almost out of the woods!!

Any thoughts?

You took it 14 years and have good erections at 7 weeks off

I took it 7 weeks and was fully impotent at 7 weeks off

DEFINITELY a good sign!

Didn’t really identify with that. Bottom line is I have pain in testicles. Wish someone knew why or what MIGHT be causing it, especially after 9 weeks off drug!

I’ve had a mild testicle ache since taking and coming off Propecia. This has been going on for over 3 months now. Some days it subsides a little but ultimately it’s a persistent irritation. Although I have other symptoms this one in particular is making my day to day life very difficult. Has anyone experienced the same? If so what advice do you have?

I had testicle pain for the first several months after quitting. I continue to have (presumed) prostate pain at over a year off. I will be getting a CT scan done shortly to see what is up down there.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but as you can see, I was unable to get any answers back when I posted and there doesn’t seem to be any new information.

My testicle pain is still present at almost 8 months out. It’s off and on but when on can last a week or more at a time. Like you, I’m hoping with time it gets better…,

yes mate i know because i lived with those pains for years. it is the fucked up prostate you have now after fin.
go get a trans rectal ultrasound and you will see if the inflammation is bad medium or light.
you might also have low level epididymitis
in any case it is very usual to have such symptoms post fin
did your testicles drop in size at all ?

don’t do anything for the time being, since it can quiet down after a while, just get the ultrasound and stay calm, once you can get erections and feel like having sex it is not worth experimenting with treatments immediately

I’m like 10 months off the drug and still get testicle pain from time to time. It’s like stinging pain, especially on the left side of my testicles. I’ve basically lost all hope of a 100% recovery.

The shit’s been getting worse lately, testes hurt on a daily basis, almost all the time. It was better for a while… duh, only goes to show that this shit’s pretty much irreversible. Erection’s been strong lately though and especially morning wood’s been almost too solid.

Be glad that is all you have. I stopped Propecia a couple months ago because of the pain, and my testicles have continued to shrink along with much less ejaculate. They are basically dying on me. I have been to 3 urologists, they have no idea WTF is going on. It doesn’t seem like anyone here does either. There is no hope, I am likely royally screwed.

I’ll probably be a eunuch here shortly. This has caused severe fatigue and sleepiness issues. I am tired and sleepy 24/7 no matter what. I am also now having trouble focusing my eyes, they constantly want to “space out”. This is all AFTER quitting Propecia.

I had about 3 weeks of joy after quitting cold turkey. My ejaculate was normal, sex drive was crazy, and energy was back to normal. Then on the 4th week or so, my body completely crashed. There is something seriously wrong with me and it was all because of finasteride. Something on my body has malfuntioned horribly and completely crashed.

This sucks so bad I can’t even put it into words.

This is not uncommon. I took propecia for three weeks then stopped. Had all the sexual side and brain fog which persisted for the last 5 years. Then two years ago I developed this constant ache in my left testicle. Multiple urologists don’t see anything wrong with it, but it is definitely inflamed. There’s no way to tell what’s causing it, but I’m sure it was the propecia given that there are no other indications otherwise in my ultrasound and blood tests. My sexual sides actually got worse this last year (6 years out) and I have no idea why. I haven’t changed a thing really. Hoping that it’s just a matter of time before something gets better.

This is actually pretty damn frightening. How old are you, if I may ask? Could it be the age?

My ball ache has subsided lately… but I’m sure it will come back sooner or later, it’s been on and off.

31 now. The pain has become a dull ache that just doesn’t go away. It is manageable, but extremely tender. Urologists diagnosed it as chronic testicular pain with no known cause. I don’t think this will be everyone’s experience, but it has been mine. My left testicle is about 30% bigger and swollen compared to my right. I have no doubt the fin. is the cause of this as I haven’t taken any other drugs or medications since. Just to clarify, the sexual side effects did not coincide with the onset of the testicular pain. The pain preceded that altogether.

Hello dear friend, I used to take 1 mg of finasteride for hair loss for a year.
And a year and three months ago I stopped taking finasteride because of testicular pain.
During this period, my right testicle was in pain for 15 months, and now my right testicle has calmed down and my left testicle is in pain!
I do not have an erection problem, but I used to have more sexual desire, and after a year of taking finasteride, my testicles softened, and it took a few weeks for it to tighten like before.
And in terms of size, my testicles are a little smaller than before (right 40 * 18 * 27 mm and left 36 * 18 * 25)
I am very much looking for treatment, do you think I will return to the first state !! ??