Testicle, groin pain

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What condition was being treated with the drug? alopecia

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21. 28.

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28. side effects

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Hearing loss
Increased hair loss
Frequent urination
Lowered body temperature

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diet. water. antibiotics, anti inflammatory, pain meds, vitamins

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So I first started taking propecia around maybe 21 yrs of age at first for about 6 months. No real side effects the first time besides maybe shrinkage, lower libido. anyways, from the shrinkage and paranoia of side effects I quit. Then maybe 26 yrs of age I tried some natural dht blockers named folliform which contained pumpkin seed oil, saw palmetto. No side effects but
I eventually quit. Then. Maybe 2.5 yrs ago at age 28 I tried finasteride one more time and said I would ride it out. ( still have most my hair, mature hair line, doctor said i dont need it) This time for maybe 2-3 weeks. Instantly I was hit with sever testicular pain specifically right side, groin area. I was told this is normal ( ha!) anyways the pain was so severe I had no choice but to quit.
A couple months after I quit I tried saw palmetto for a about a week and the feeling came back. Quit that.
And since that two yrs the pain has never gone away! It only intensifies after ejaculation. I no longer seek sex because it is embarrassing and painful.
I practice semen retention now. Which has helped immensely. Both in testoerone/libido levels. and decreased pain.
I should mention I am on a few psychotropics, which never gave me problems down there. zyprexa 5mg, ativan 1mg, tegretol 200mg for bipolar disorder.

The past two yrs has been a complete S*** show in seeking out causes and/or solutions. I’ve been to the urologist 3 times, a hernia surgeon, STD tests three times all negative. Primary doctor about 10 times and er once. 2 ultrasounds showed my testicles and groin are perfectly healthy. xrays on back and all fine. I mention taking finasteride did this and they think i am crazy.
My primary doctor thinks its from my lower back radiating to my testicle/groin area. The next step is physcial therapy and mri. But, my back does not ever really bother me. I have no signs of hernia. No matter what I do everything always seems to come back as “normal”.
It’s to the point where I think this pain is all in my head! Well it most certainly can’t be. but thats what these people are making me believe.

I don’t know if my prostate was effected. I was dx with prostititus about 9 yrs ago. But, those problems went away themselves.

I just ordered pygeum. I am looking for all and any natural solutions. This problem has yet to go away on its own like they said it would.

I am on keto diet which works great for me. But I am willing to try Any diet/notropics/vitamins/exercises anything.

If you made it this far thank you! By the way I’ve come to conclusion hair loss is fking normal! My hair stopped falling out when I quit smoking and medication change (did not smoke long). But, at 30 yrs of age most people would not be able to notice my hair loss. People think im crazy when I talk about it. Vanity!!! Of course I don’t have the hair I had at 16. so what! And i can pull of bald. But, this EGO stuff no longer matters!

I want my life back.

pls help.

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Ask your doctor for a one-week trial of a benzodiazepine. Many of your conditions are very similar to mine. And being on a benzo helped me very much. I have no idea why a benzodiazepine will take away testicular pain and other symptoms but it did for me.