Testicle failure? Cold tip of Penis


Anyone have this symptom? My main place of pleasure during orgasm was in the testicles. It was like right at the sides of each one. It feels like they are dead now/unresponsive throughtout the day and during ejaculation.

Also anyones penis tip constantly feel cold/wet?


I have low DHT 220 (300-850) Low e2 and high DHEA-S, any ideas?


DHT is low, yes. DHEA is also tall, it’s a clear sign of the syndrome. My E2 normal. My DHT is extremely high (1750) and nobody understands why, probably it is not metabolized in the liver or it is injected into 3adiolg. That said, even the tip of my penis is always wet! It seems that this last symptom we have only the two of us! WTF :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


When you say high DHEA-S is a sign of the syndrome, do you have more than just your own experience to back this up?


Ad esempio, nel nostro ultimo studio (eseguito in un gruppo più ampio di pazienti, n = 14) abbiamo osservato una diminuzione di PREG, PROG, DHP, DHT e 17β-E e un aumento di DHEA, T e 3α-diolo nel liquido cerebrospinale di pazienti con PFS rispetto ai livelli osservati in pazienti sani.” http://disfunzionisessualipostssri.blogspot.com/2018/04/spf-pssd-review-2018.html


I have the same thing man.


I suffer this too. I usually have a cold tip which doesn’t seem to fully fill with blood when I have an erection. I have periods of a week or so every few months where my penis recovers and it fills up properly with blood, and the tip is hard and sensitive.

It’s quite interesting - when I have these mini recoveries my penis curves differently too. It appears ‘fatter’ and it doesn’t curve quite so much upwards. It stays straighter and is quite rigid. In my most common state, it is thinner and curves upwards quite dramatically, almost like a sufferer of Peyronie’s encounters, except I know I don’t have that as it returns to normal through in a recovery period.

This change in erectile function is interesting. I also notice that the region of my prostate feels fuller when I have these temporary recoveries. Upon returning to my usual state, I feel this ‘hollow’ sensation between my anus and my penis, as though something is missing.

Part of me wonders whether the prostate is actually changing in size and/or shape. Perhaps the reduction in size of the prostate means that the blood flow into the penis or even the accommodation of the base of the penis (the part inside the body near the prostate) allows it to lower and thus curve more, whilst when the prostate is in a more normal state, it alters the degree of blood flow to the penis and helps it maintain it’s more rigid and straight erect shape.


I also get these periods of normal ness, I don’t understand at all


I have never had a recovery period. I have been like this since may/june 2016. I was 21 im 24 now. Crash diet or anti fungal cream caused this shit. Prostate size volume is 10.73cm3. Total T is normal at 650 but DHT is low at 220 (300-850)