Tendon shortening

Hi, everyone. I’m a new patient. You can check out my story in my previous posts. I’m about a month post-fin exposure.

I immediately lost a bunch of brown/beige fat and muscle when crashed. I was incredibly weak and unsteady within a week. I had a brief stint of insane joint hypermobility about two weeks in.

Now it’s as if all the tendons and ligaments in my body are fucked up. They are shorter and very stiff. It’s heavily affecting motor skills both fine and broad. For an artist, musician and melee player who likes a good home workout, this has effectively hampered my ways of coping with this new onslaught of symptoms significantly. Especially when paired with extreme brain fog and loss of higher/creative thinking.

This seems to be very uncommon for PFS, its almost more of a ciprofloxacin type of symptom.

My questions are as follows:

  1. Do any of you suffer with something similar? Did it improve at all?

  2. Aside from basic stretching, can we theorize/recommend anything I can do or any food or supplement that may help?

Thank you to anybody who reads or replies, of course

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Hello mate, sorry you’ve been hit so hard so quickly, I get this symptom too and agree its similar to what the antibiotic sufferers complain of. Its not that common on here but I have seen it mentioned before. For me it was one of the more recent symptoms, it appeared when the tissue loss ramped up. I haven’t figured it out, but certain foods do aggravate it further, sugars dd for sure, I try to avoid them mostly but fall foul on occasion as everything comes at a price with this ie negative sides from almost everything.
Sorry not of much help

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Thank you for consistently being there for me, man. Yeah I got just about every symptom anyone’s ever had all at once. And then some. So are there days where it improves? My anatomy is fundamentally different. I just wonder if it’s permanent tissue death or just induced tightness that can regress under the right conditions. Idk

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Youre welxome, Idk either tbh, despite getting progressively worse I’ve had v short episodes of complete recoveries. I mean everything, jaw line, muscle, powerr, subcontaneous fat, ageing, vision, senses, cognition, intelligence personality, tissue, digestion, hunger, sebum, teeth, lips, swagger, sexuality motivation, etc etc everything. The visible damage, which is vast and undeniable dissapears overnight.So it’s not permanent that’s what I hold on too

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We just need to find the on switch circuit breaker and keep it on, everything is still in tact its just being suppressed

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Same here. Muscles and tendons very rigid. Spasm, tremblors. A total nightmare. If you check all stories here it is not uncommon. I have been checking all neurological illnesses and crossing fingers I have not a typical one, just PFS…

Sex mood is out, I had a very good one before…

My recommendation is taking vitamin D and a good complex of amino acids… Creatine is very good but it gives me spasm so I have to be very careful over quantity and take just from time to time…

PFS was even a worst nightmare first month’s I was merely able to walk as a zombie not even able to elevate feet properly from the floor…

With time things improve slowly and with a lot of middle crashes… Well, I kept on just because I knew that things improve on the long run so I hope that this info helps for you…

I can perfectly understand those that cannot stand this situation , for this is important to know that improvements will come with those middle crashes


I would be be very careful with vit d and aminos/ creatine. Some have crashed hard off those

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