Telling friends and family

I’ve had PFS for pretty much one year now and not a single person in my life knows about it. I’m currently considering telling my mum and best friend but don’t know how to go about it. I have a history of anxiety and many of my friends hyperbolically view me as a very paranoid person so I feel as though they’re going to assume it’s all in my head.

My PFS is very cortisol based, so if I engage in anything that increased cortisol (alcohol, caffeine) it’s bad news for me. I barely go out and socialising has become difficult. It’s hard to keep making excuses to avoid going out.

Has anybody else found themselves in a situation whereby friends and family didn’t believe the existence of their condition?

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Hey bro,

I told a couple of good friends about my PFS and anyways I was so bad in the crash that my closest friends new something was amiss so I had to tell them…
My case is slightly different as after a month of shit I forced myself to go out again and socialise as I could do it. It has helped me a great deal and I manage to keep things together.
Most of my friends whom I told about PFS were shocked but they believe me.
Some of them understand PFS up to a certain degree but it has helped me a lot to let go about it…
Just tell people you trust the most, and you might find it helpful.

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Thanks man. I’ll definitely tell somebody I’d just hate it if they didn’t believe me.

You could present them with scientific papers which describe the condition if you think they’re not going to believe you.

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Just carefully chose who you wanna tell… Give links to this forum or, as Greek suggested, to scientific papers to back up your disclosure.

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Probably the best course of action! Hopefully it doesn’t come to that

I hope not too, it’s a difficult thing to do, I hope it goes ok.

Thanks man.

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