Team uses MRI to image epigenetics in brain

Interesting, but may not be applicable to us since they don’t appear to be able to specify which genes are methylated using this method.


I reached out to this team and had a one hour long conversation with the lead scientist, Gene Robinson, about their technology and how it might be used to help our community. I also informed him of PFS and he took it very seriously. This technology would be relevant to us but they will first need to start using it on humans as right now they have just trialled it on pigs.

Nonetheless, it’s encouraging such technology is in the pipeline. Things are moving very quickly. And that scientists like this take our condition seriously when informed.



Are they able to label/tag certain genes somehow prior to this form of MRI being used? I think it’s interesting because my take on the study was that it was effective for detecting areas of cells with relatively high levels of global methylation, but not specific loci.

I do not believe this will be handed out to everyone on this or other forums for free, so imagine the cost. I had an MRI for a physical injury costing around 3 thousand $s. Well, it won’t cost more than the BS syndrome though.

Really? First of all thanks for reaching out to them

Do you really think it’s possible?

Gene Robinson said the plan was to roll this out to hospitals globally and that the cost would not be prohibitive. The timeframe he gave me was not even that bad either. Hang in there