Tea Tree Oil and Lavender oil

Does anyone use products (soap, hair care, lotions, etc)?

Studies show that it mimics Estrogen and can cause gynecomastia in males.

Anyone have more info on this (other than the studies out of Denver)?


I use tea tree oil for my ongoing acne problem. Just tiny amounts, with tip of my finger on to acne spots. I heard that tea tree oil is a 5ar inhibitor. Would that be a problem guys? I mean how the hell that tiny amount can be absorbed by my acne and skin in to my bloodstream and can cause problems?

Topicals are just as dangerous man look at my story, just avoid anything that seems sketchy

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I have had a very bad few days and have just found that a shower gel I used has tea tree oil in it.

I am not saying it’s definitely the cause but I will not use it again.

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Becareful with Tea Tree Oil, I remember reading a few years ago that it has estrogenic or it inhibits dht, I forget it’s one or the other.

Both tea tree oil and lavender are bad news for most PFS sufferers. I personally had severe reactions from them

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Thanks for that @2981, I think we can conclusively say that this is to be avoided. Hopefully nobody else here inadvertently uses it!

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