Taurine experience

bought some taurine and for the first week noticed huge improvement . i was thinking clear, my romance was back, passion, humour, i felt very in my own, nulled my derealization. but this curse finds a way to end all that. the same day it stopped working was the same day i ingested the apple cider vinegar and baking soda. ever since then back to shitty baseline (slightly worse even). was so excited but in my mind always know it will be short lived, such a bummer

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How many days did you take the taurine?

Which symptoms do you have?

Which symptoms got better?

Which symptoms got worse when you took the apple cider vinegar and baking soda?

How long has it been since you took the Apple cider vinegar and baking soda?

Do you plan on trying Taurine again?

The GABA (A) receptors are normally regulated by allopregnanolone, which is the most affected neurosteroid of all by fin. It’s next to zero in some pfs sufferer.

Taurine is another alternative to regulate the GABA (A) receptors.

I will try it as well and post my results.

Took taurine last week I took 2 1000mg tablets a day one in the morning and one before bed. I had 0 brain fog and my erection quality was much better unfortunately it was short lived it lasted 4 days and went back to PFS baseline unfortunately. I felt 75% recovered almost forgot I had this condition! Sucks it was short lived.


Pretty much my experience, but I cycle taking it. I’ll go a few days on it, a few off, and it helps!


Yeah it’s very weird I feel like our bodies must be rejecting it after a certain amount of usage. But I felt amazing when it did work. I guess I’ll cycle on it as well.
I saw that guys reddit post who recovered sexual sides taking 3000mg and now I can definitely see why it worked so well for him.

Yeah Taurine does crazy shit for me. Stimulates an appetite that I never have, makes me energetic, gets me hornier. Good stuff, just doesn’t give results if I take it everyday!


I got a bottle of the stuff for onset and middle insomnia. Never thought it made much of a difference at 1000 mg. Maybe I could try increasing the dose. I think Ozeph tried it and it made him feel a bit worse or had no effect. Does it help with sleep for anyone else?

This is how we should be writing up every single experience with a supplement. Everything is vague, no precision. It would be better for everyone.

At least this topic is still about taurine. :slight_smile:


Well, we’ll have a good standardised system available through the forum for doing such for all therapies and reactions that can feed into the analytical system the survey will use. It’s already fully functional, just need to have some coding done when our volunteer has a bit of time.


Taking it for 4 days now, 3grams in powder. No improvements. At the first day my libido felt great but its probably unrelated cuz its not so great right now.

Is your libido often what you’d consider ‘great’?

Yeah, my libido is fine. But today i got a soft erection, im quitting the Taurine.

I just realized the Red Bull has surprisingly high Taurine. I think 1 gram per little can. Maybe that’s part of why I can’t seem to kick my habit of drinking it every day. Maybe it actually really does make me feel better.

do you cycle taurine?