Taurine enhances the sexual response and mating ability in aged male rats

So, Taurine can stimulate the secretion of T and LH. Strange thing is, whenever i take tauirne i feel kinda worse about my erections and libido. It looks like it making me worse in contrary to other posts. However, im not sure. I was taking it to reverse my penile fibrosis which i have also read that it can cure it in another study. What you guys think about Taurine?

Also, in another study, Taurine can inhibit T levels on higher dosages on rats. If i understood correctly. But showed to be increase the T levels on low dosages… I have no idea to take it or not now… here is that second study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23392896

The results showed that taurine had biphasic effects on basal testosterone secretion in cultured Leydig cells. Low concentrations of taurine (0.1-100 microg/ml) could stimulate testosterone secretion, whereas high concentration of taurine (400 microg/ml) could inhibit testosterone secretion. Testosterone secretion stimulated by HCG was significantly increased by 10 and 100 microg/ml of taurine administration, and obviously decreased by treating with 400 microg/ml of taurine.

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I used taurine at some point in 250mg, 500mg & 1g doses per day. I found it helps with anxiety and insomnia. It also helps bile salts formation, which is necessey for proper digestion. Some claim it raises Testosterone at higher doses. Personally, it caused me emotional blunting/anhedonia with continued use probably because its a sulphur based amino acid and helps breakdown other excitatory neurotransmitters. It’s best combined with stimulants such as caffeine to produce balanced effect. My 0.02 cents


Very informative, thanks. I wonder if the LH increasing effect did anything bad to me. Because whenever i took something androgenic i go worse, barely noticable sometimes but i sense it.
Idk if i should continue to take Taurine. Some people claim it improved them and there is a one full recovery on Reddit.

Recoveries are inconsistent with PFS. I learned the hard way that what may work for others may not agree with me. There’re far way too many variables at play. Even in my own personal case, I’ve had different reactions to basically the same stuff at different times. For instance, I cannot tolerate glutamine anymore and one teaspoon (~1g) gave me massive headaches and panic attack (probably due to increased glutamate) whereas in the past I could guzzle as much as 20-30 grams without issues.

Taurine is a non-essential amino acid so it’s made by your body. You could try a low dose first (250mg/d) and build up from there. As I said it’s best combined with caffeine because it takes the edge off (i.e. increased adrenaline). This results in positive moods. Most energy drinks contain it for this purpose. If androgenic stuff makes you feel worse then it probably due to imbalanced estrogens, and relax increasing LH didn’t do you harm. I cannot tolerate androgenic things myself.